Daily roundup: Joss Whedon says Gal Gadot misunderstood because English isn't her first language - and other top stories today

PHOTO: Reuters

Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. Gal Gadot misunderstood because English isn't her first language: Joss Whedon on Justice League allegations

In an email response, Gal disputed this and said she "understood perfectly"... » READ MORE

2. 'Do you know who am I?' Man hurls expletives at bus driver for not stopping for him

The ruckus lasted for around 15 minutes until the bus stopped at Block 45 Marine Crescent... » READ MORE

3. Is my handmade red packet okay? Foreigner wows Singaporeans with CNY gift for friend's son

Some cheeky Reddit users had to point out that the contents of the red packet are just as important as the red packet... » READ MORE

4. Magazine withdraws top Chinese women list featuring Li Jinglei and Du Meizhu after backlash

When do we celebrate women for speaking out against toxic male behaviours and when do we not?... » READ MORE


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