Australian police charge man with missing 9-year-old girl's murder

Police officers that form part of the Australian Joint Counter Terrorism Team stand outside a home they raided as part of an operation in which they arrested three men who were allegedly preparing to attack the public in Melbourne, Australia, on Nov 20, 2018.
PHOTO: Reuters

SYDNEY - Australian police charged a 32-year-old man on Wednesday (Jan 19) with murder after the body of a nine-year-old girl, who went missing since while on holiday with family, was found in a barrel and dumped in a river near the Blue Mountains west of Sydney.

Hundreds of police, emergency workers and fire service volunteers have been searching for five days near the property in Blue Mountains where the girl's family was staying until her remains were found in a barrel, New South Wales (NSW) police said.

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"We found the human remains consistent with the missing girl ... until the post-mortem is conducted, we are still uncertain of what exactly happened to her," NSW Police Deputy Commissioner David Hudson said during a media conference.

The accused man was refused bail to appear in a court on Wednesday, the police said.

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