'You cannot wait ah?' Driver of Singapore-registered car challenges man to fight at JB petrol station

'You cannot wait ah?' Driver of Singapore-registered car challenges man to fight at JB petrol station
PHOTO: Screengrab/SG Road Vigilante

No one enjoys waiting in line - even more so if the guy in front of you appears to be taking his own sweet time.

A man challenged a driver to a fight after the latter accused him of taking too long to pump petrol at a Petronas station near the Second Link, according to a post to SG Road Vigilante on Sunday (Jan 14).

In the video captured by a car's dashcam, a man in a black shirt can be seen pumping petrol into his Singapore-registered vehicle, when the dashcam car driver waiting behind began shouting at him.

"Hey bro, very long time already leh, you ready already or not?" The driver asked. According to the Facebook post, the man had been pumping petrol for over 15 minutes.

A car that was in line before the driver appeared to drive elsewhere, unable to wait.

In response, the man started gesturing and shouting, out of earshot of the dashcam.

The driver then claimed that he was "asking politely", despite continuing to speak with a raised voice and harsh tone.

The argument continued as both parties accused each other of shouting, with expletives being exchanged.

A man in a white shirt, allegedly the son of the man in a black shirt, also walked up to the driver to ask what the problem is.

The purported father then walked over as well to continue the argument, also allegedly challenging the driver to a fight and angrily asking "you cannot wait ah?" The video then ends there.

Some netizens were similarly upset by the man pumping petrol, accusing him of being a "cheapskate".

"Cheapskate lah want to pump until overflow," one user commented.

Another said: "Typical kiasu. How much can he save?"

'Pump petrol got time limit?'

Other netizens, however, felt like the driver was being "impatient".

"Pump petrol got time limit?" A comment asked.

"Customs jam can wait, but pump petrol cannot wait," a user also ribbed.

Some also felt that the driver wasn't being "polite" as he had claimed, because he was raising his voice just as much as the man pumping petrol.

A user said: "Your tone when asking doesn't seem polite to me."

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