Yishun residents shocked by mysterious hand and footprints on walls outside their flats

Yishun residents shocked by mysterious hand and footprints on walls outside their flats

Several residents in Yishun were alarmed after hand and footprints mysteriously appeared on the walls outside their homes.

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, a third-floor resident of Block 675C Yishun Avenue 4 said that his daughter had spotted the imprints outside their kitchen on Wednesday (May 17).

"She suspected that someone was trying to sneak into the house through the kitchen window," the 52-year-old man said, adding that he had earlier removed the window grilles since his family was about to move out of the flat.

Describing how he usually sleeps in the living room, the resident shared that the perpetrators might have abandoned their plan to break into the unit for fear of alerting him.

Nothing appeared to be stolen as well, the Chinese daily reported.

"We also have two young children at home, but luckily they were not harmed," said the resident, adding that it's "the first time in six years" that he has come across such an incident.

The family has since lodged a police report.

Besides the third floor, handprints were also found on the exterior walls of the fourth, fifth and 11th floors, Shin Min Daily News reported.

A resident who lived on the fourth floor, 72-year-old Lin, shared that she was unaware of these imprints.

"I just heard that someone had called the police," she said.

Another resident who lived on the fifth floor told Shin Min Daily News that he had installed grilles on the windows to deter would-be burglars. 

"It's also for the safety of the children at home," the 38-year-old administrative staff added.

Responding to queries from Shin Min Daily News, the police said that they have received a police report and the case is under investigation.

Notices have also been put up at the void deck informing residents to be vigilant and to install window grilles and closed-circuit television cameras.

The police have advised residents to ensure that their doors and windows are locked before leaving their homes.

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