Transport Minister Ong Ye Kung fulfils a special birthday wish of an 8-year-old MRT fan

PHOTO: Facebook/Ong Ye Kung

Talk about birthday wishes coming true! Minister of Transport, Ong Ye Kung, turned into a genie when he recently fulfilled the birthday wish of a boy.

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (Mar 10), Ong wrote: “A loving young father wrote to me a few days ago with a request – his son would be turning 8, he loves trains and hoped to meet the Transport Minister.”

Seeing this sweet request, Ong arranged to meet the boy at Canberra MRT station on a Sunday (March 7) afternoon.

“He peppered me with many questions about trains but honestly he knew more than me,” the transport minister said. 

During the meeting, the young fan of trains even shared his plans for the future with Ong. 

“[He] drew me this delightful card, nicely laminated, with all the train models indicated, and told me he wishes to work for LTA one day,” Ong wrote. 

“His father later told me that our meeting made the boy’s day. Well, it made mine too. Happy Birthday!”


Netizens praise dad who wrote the letter

Besides commending Ong for making time to meet the boy, netizens were also praised the dad who went all out to help fulfil his child’s dream. Not only did he identify his son's interest in trains, but he also supported him when the boy wanted to meet the transport minister.

One comment read: “May we have more men like his dad and Mr Minister to show him tenderness and courage. Delightful post! Thanks!”

Another netizen said: “He knows the models of the train? Wow! Also kudos to the dad for supporting and finding ways to encourage his son to pursue [his] passion. Even if this doesn’t end up with him working with LTA, the boy has learnt to explore interests.” 

Another mum wrote: “Our kids need such leaders. Thanks for making the effort to lead by example.”

This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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