TikTok users flex more than muscles in Infinity ring light challenge, Baey Yam Keng joins in

PHOTO: TikTok/baeyyamkeng, TikTok/yoleendadong

Another day, another TikTok trend makes its rounds on social media and this time, MP Baey Yam Keng has joined in on the fun. 

On Wednesday (Dec 1), the Tampines GRC MP hopped on the bandwagon and took the chance to plug his live chat in the process.

His post currently has over 137,000 views and more than 4,700 likes. 


The Infinity TikTok challenge, otherwise known as the ring light trend, is based on Jaymes Young's song of the same name where users shine a light on their back to flex their muscles. 

For Baey, he brings out his ring light — teasing as if to attempt the trend and flex his muscles — before swiftly turning around to set it up for his live chat.


While most trend-hoppers have been boasting toned bodies and thick biceps, a few TikTokers have decided to put a twist to the challenge, showing off more than just broad shoulders. 

Kicking it up a notch 

This anaesthesiologist certainly did not come to play as she blasted her surgical lights on full. 


Meanwhile, TikToker bravenyeo upped the game by lugging his 2000-watt tungsten lamp and possibly gave himself a slight tan. 


Another TikToker, afiqomarali, flashed his massive photography studio lights and his love for home plants.  


More than muscles, how about a sense of humour?

TikToker yoleendadong, more popularly known as Vietnamese-Canadian YouTuber Linda Dong, decided to show off her 'six-pack' abs. 


Meanwhile, this foodpanda delivery man took a more religious route with the use of prayer candles.


For TikToker _bts.boys_1, he hit a soft spot when his adorable little feline pops out from behind. 


If you're a Marvel fan, you'll definitely remember Loki and his sneaky antics stealing the Tesseract. Here's a tribute to our favourite villain-turned-hero. 


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