Taiwanese YouTuber in hot water for cooking chicken wings at Sembawang Hot Spring Park

PHOTO: Screengrab/Youtube/Angel Hsu

Sembawang Hot Spring Park is known for therapeutic foot baths and cooking hard or soft-boiled eggs. However, some visitors have used the water in more controversial ways.

Last month, YouTuber Angel Hsu posted a video that featured her cooking chicken wings using the hot spring water from the egg-cooking station.

In the video, the Singapore-based influencer from Taiwan can be seen soaking chicken wings, an egg and a bag of claypot rice in a metallic kettle. After an hour of cooking – under a tap dispensing water at roughly 70 degrees Celsius – Hsu retrieved the food to taste the chicken wings.  

In the video description, the YouTuber said she wanted to experiment if it was possible to "to cook chicken wing (other than onsen egg) with the hot spring water". Hsu was later pleased with the taste, commenting that it was cooked perfectly and describing the chicken as having "a bland chicken soup taste". 

Netizens criticised the video 

However, the video received backlash from viewers. Some commenters criticised the cooking of chicken wings at the hot spring park, including concerns about hygiene. One comment wrote: "No sign doesn't mean it's allowed." 

A Sunday (April 25) report in Lianhe Zaobao rebuked the YouTuber's cooking 'experiment', citing hygiene concerns and calling this behaviour "unthinkable".  

The columnist added that though the area had stated it was an egg-cooking station, Hsu went ahead to cook the chicken – the chicken fat and juices would permeate the air and water, polluting the space. The columnist also called for the National Parks Board (NParks) to end these unsanitary practices by educating the public and putting up signs.   

NParks said in a statement: "The egg cooking station at the Sembawang Hot Spring Park is meant for collecting water and cooking eggs. As the water at the hot spring park is channelled to our public waterways, cooking of other food is not allowed as this may pollute the waterways.

"Our parks, gardens and nature areas are for all to enjoy. We encourage all visitors to be considerate of others when enjoying the park’s facilities."

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