'She kept asking me questions': Woman calls cops on neighbour who allegedly won't stop looking into her window

'She kept asking me questions': Woman calls cops on neighbour who allegedly won't stop looking into her window
A woman called the police on her neighbour who looked into her window regularly.
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

A woman said she was forced to call the police on a neighbour who allegedly harassed her over the past six months. 

The woman surnamed Toh told Shin Min Daily News that her neighbour, an elderly woman, would often turn up at her door and look into her window

The neighbour would also leave fingermarks on the window pane, which the 45-year-old saleswoman had to clean. 

Toh said she purchased a three-room flat at Block 108 Bedok North Road around June last year and was in the midst of renovating the unit. 

According to her, the elderly woman noticed the renovations between July and August. She began standing outside the flat to watch the renovations and even started chatting with Toh. 

Thinking that the elderly woman was just a friendly neighbour, Toh engaged in small talk with her. 

From then on, the neighbour would frequently appear outside Toh's new home. 

"She kept asking me questions and even told me to stop renovating my house. She also kept telling me to go home," said the frustrated woman. 

Her neighbour would appear outside her flat every two or three days, telling her not to do large-scale renovations. 

Despite Toh's family advising the elderly woman not to do so, she continued to turn up at the flat and look into the window. 

To deter her persistent neighbour, Toh installed a surveillance camera outside her house and put up a notice informing others not to touch her windows. 

In a ten-second clip uploaded on Facebook earlier this month, a white-haired woman could be seen loitering outside Toh's home. She had one hand on her hip and the other placed on the gate while looking into the flat. 

Annoyed by the elderly woman's antics, Toh told the Chinese daily she made a police report against her neighbour as a last resort. 

A Shin Min reporter tried to visit the elderly woman but she was not at home. Other residents said they knew her and added that she never harassed them. 

A resident who identified herself as Chen said that the elderly woman has been living alone since her husband passed away a few years ago. 

The police told Shin Min that that they received a police report about the incident. 

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