PM Lee's 'magic cup' makes an appearance on his 2021 highlight Reel on Instagram

PM Lee's version of the social media trend features a montage of video highlights from the past year.
PHOTO: Screengrab/Instagram/leehsienloong

SINGAPORE - As the year draws to a close, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has joined scores of others who are sharing their 2021 recap Reels on Instagram.

PM Lee's version of the social media trend, shared on his Instagram page on Thursday (Dec 30), features a montage of video highlights from the past year.

In the caption accompanying the Reel, PM Lee wrote: "My team told me about this social media trend going around, and created a video of my own highlights of 2021. It was a fun reminder of the events I attended this year!"

The footage includes scenes such as PM Lee doing a fist bump with United States Vice-President Kamala Harris during her visit to Singapore in August, him getting his Covid-19 vaccine and walking towards the podium to deliver this year's National Day Rally speech.

And yes, the "magic cup" also made the cut.


The ceramic cup usually appears every time the Prime Minister made a national address involving a Covid-19 update. He was seemingly able to speak in a different language every time he took a sip from it.

PM Lee added: "The video is too brief to capture everything, including all the sessions with Cabinet and parliamentary colleagues, public service leaders and their teams, business and community leaders — working on managing the pandemic, protecting Singaporeans, and safeguarding our future.

"Despite the challenges, we have persevered and can look forward to the new year with quiet confidence and hope."

The Reel is set to an audio mash-up of two hit singles — British singer Adele's Easy On Me and American singer Bruno Mars' Locked Out Of Heaven.

As at 4pm on Thursday, his Reel has already racked up more than 158,000 views and over 10,200 likes.

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