'Owner might have bought season parking for the plant': Public lot at Whampoa private estate gets potted occupant

PHOTO: Facebook/Roads.sg

Tissue packets are often used to reserve seats when one heads off to grab food.

But chances are that this technique wouldn't do when the goal is to reserve an entire public parking lot.

On Friday (May 19), the Facebook page Roads.sg shared a photo of a potted plant placed in the middle of a public parking lot along Jalan Semerbak, in the Whampoa private residential area.

The single-lane road has three public parking lots, two empty and one with a potted occupant.

Given its position in the lot, it is highly unlikely that a vehicle could also fit inside.

The post read: "Private and landed-home owners must not abuse public roads and must allow the public to park freely as long as they are not blocking your home entrance."

The photo garnered various reactions from netizens, with many taking to the comment section to lament such an act.

"Charge them if you really want to enforce the law," a netizen wrote.

One user suggested that the lots are "usually empty during the daytime". They added that "maybe the owner was putting [the potted plant] there for sunlight".

A few netizens chose not to be too riled up and provided some silly comments about the incident.

One chimed that the potted plant potentially bought its own COE. Others offered alternative reasons for why the potted plant ended up in the parking lot.

Chope-ing a parking lot isn't new

In March 2023, a man was seen physically reserving a parking lot near Cheng San Market & Cooked Food Centre in Ang Mo Kio.

Video from a car's dash cam footage showed him alighting from a vehicle in search of an empty lot.

Upon finding one, he stood over said lot while gesturing to the driver to come over.

It is an offence to lay any stone, brick or other article on any public road so as to cause an obstruction or to make the use of the road less convenient.

Any person who commits this offence shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $5,000.

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