Ouch! Woman visiting Changi Jurassic Mile gets struck by golf ball from 'nearby country club'

Facebook/Derek Yap

[UPDATE: Oct 23, 6.50pm] In response to AsiaOne's queries, Tanah Merah Country Club said they were very sorry to hear that a visitor was hit by a stray golf ball. 

"We are already in contact with the Changi Airport Group (CAG), the developer of the Jurassic Mile track, and they are looking into enhancing the safety features of the track." 

The CAG told the media it is looking into additional ways to "further minimise the risk of stray golf balls heading towards the Jurassic Mile, such as putting up settings in that area."

In the interim, the CAG is in contact with the family to check on the victim's condition.

Like a bolt from the blue, literally, a whizzing golf ball strayed from its intended path and struck a passing woman in the head.

The domestic helper, who was visiting Changi Jurassic Mile with her employer's family yesterday evening (Oct 22), immediately dropped to her knees, crying as she held her head in pain.

Where did the golf ball come from? Tanah Merah Country Club's Garden Course, the woman's employer Derek Yap claimed in the Facebook post he wrote on the same night.

"The golf course was literally right beside the exhibit, along the entire Changi Jurassic Mile," he said.


Fortunately for his family, a security officer stationed nearby saw what had happened and quickly called for help.

Her supervisor arrived at the scene shortly after and guided them to the end of the walkway, where they waited for an ambulance to arrive.

A check-up by the doctor found that the domestic helper suffered a head injury with bruising. She was sent home with instructions to monitor her condition.

According to Yap, an arrival experience manager at Changi Airport Group (CAG) explained that the possibility of such incidents occurring was brought up in the past, and there had been suggestions to erect nettings to protect the public from stray golf balls.

However, the manager claimed the decision was vetoed as the "upper management from Tanah Mera Country Club Garden Course assured that the golf balls will not hit the public due to wind direction".

While the family was informed that this was the first of such an incident, a netizen chimed in, saying that they were nearly victims of another stray golf ball last week.

The ball struck the dinosaur exhibit they were walking next to and they managed to escape unscathed.


For the time being, Yap suggested that visitors bring along some form of head protection, such as a helmet or an umbrella, until "some sort of protection" is put in place. 

"Keep your loved ones aware as many more are going to visit this new attraction over the next few weeks. [sic]"