No parking for visitors? Netizens argue over banner at public multi-storey carpark


If there's one thing that's the bane of every driver's life, it's finding a parking space.

So when one netizen took to Facebook yesterday (Oct 29) to share a photo of a banner requesting for visitors to "refrain from parking" at an HDB carpark in Jalan Kayu, things got understandably heated.

Taking the banner as an affront, the angry netizen wrote in his post, "Get your grandfather to buy over the whole carpark!"

Visitors' parking options are already limited as certain lots are reserved for season parking holders, he continued.

The banner, which bears the Residents' Committee's logo, appeared to be situated at the entrance of the multi-storey carpark.

It read: "Dear visitors, the residents here seek your kind understanding and co-operation to refrain from parking at this multi-storey carpark from 6pm to 7am. Thank you."

In HDB carparks, red lots are reserved for season parking holders all day, while red-and-white lots are generally reserved for season parking between 7pm and 7am.

Visitors may only use red-and-white lots between 7am and 7pm. They can also park in white lots during the operating hours of the car park.

The banner quickly drew the ire of many, who labelled the residents in the area "selfish" for trying to restrict the usage of a public carpark.

Some also pointed out that the RC's request had no teeth as the carpark is managed by HDB.


But others spoke up for the residents in the area, empathising with the struggle to find a parking lot at the end of a long day.


Some commenters, claiming to be residents of the area, also chimed in with their side of the story. According to them, the banners were only put up because of the influx of visitors attending an event at a nearby temple.


AsiaOne understands that the banner has since been removed and has reached out to the RC as well as Ang Mo Kio Town Council for more information.