Near miss: Cyclist falls on West Coast Highway, lorry zooms past her seconds later

Near miss: Cyclist falls on West Coast Highway, lorry zooms past her seconds later
PHOTO: YouTube/Singapore Silly Cyclists

It was a close shave for a cyclist riding along West Coast Highway, as a lorry zoomed past her shortly after she fell off her bicycle.

A clip of the heart-stopping moment was uploaded on YouTube last Sunday (Sept 5), showing a group of cyclists riding on an expressway identified as West Coast Highway. 

As they travelled along the road, someone screamed as one of the cyclists lost control of her bicycle, falling and landing hard on her side.


While she managed to sit upright, a lorry drove past her seconds later. 

The video ended with someone saying "Go, go, go" in the background, possibly to tell the other cyclists in the group to continue riding and not cause further obstruction to the traffic. 

Netizens enraged by cyclists on highway 

As the clip made its rounds on social media, some netizens were less sympathetic towards the cyclist. Some of their comments were laden with sarcasm and annoyance.

Other netizens said they questioned whether cyclists are allowed to travel on the highway.  

What do the laws say? 

Over the past year, there have been multiple reports of cyclists flouting road rules, leading to calls to amend cycling regulations in Singapore

Although cyclists are allowed on roads (as long as they adhere to the on-road cycling rules), the Land Transport Authority has stipulated that cyclists aren't allowed to be on expressways and in road tunnels

As for the cyclist in the video, netizens said that she's lucky to have escaped from a more serious traffic accident.

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