'This mistake has caused unnecessary suffering': Security firm apologises for sharing full video clip of Tanjong Pagar crash

PHOTO: The Straits Times

E3N Security posted an apology on its Facebook page on Wednesday (Feb 17) for mistakenly sharing a full video clip of the recent Tanjong Pagar car crash.

The security system solutions company, in the post, said it was an "administrative error in uploading the full clip instead of a shorter edited cut" of the accident.

On Feb 16, it published two videos on its Facebook page. The clips have since been removed. 

The accident last Saturday morning (Feb 13), on the second day of Chinese New Year, took the lives of five men

A white BMW M4 coupe was believed to be speeding before the car crashed into a shophouse at 37 Tanjong Pagar Road. The car burst into flames within seconds at about 5.40am.

Raybe Oh Siew Huey, 26, suffered severe burns to her body after trying to save the men and is currently in critical condition at Singapore General Hospital.


In the full video, the car skidded on the road before it crashed into the shophouse. Oh was seen a few minutes later, running towards the burning car

She emerged a short while later engulfed in flames as she walked to the opposite side of the road. 

"This mistake has caused unnecessary suffering for the victims' families and we would like to apologise for our mistake and acknowledged that it is insensitive to show the full clip of Ms Oh in distress and we would like to inform all others to refrain from sharing the full clip," E3N Security said in the post. 

It added that the videos were requested in high-resolution for the police, while a low-resolution video was also sent to The Straits Times.

It highlighted that no payment or benefits were obtained for the release of the clips to the said publication.


"E3N Security Pte Ltd is the rightful owner and only company fully authorised to manage and release the CCTV recordings on behalf of the Owner of the premises", the post said.  

Some of the videos, which are circulating online, were seen with a watermark of the company's name.

However, it pointed out that these videos did not belong to them.

This apology post ended with the company requesting those sharing such videos to take them down, warning that legal action will be taken to those who distributed the clips without permission. 



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