Man apologises after women confront him for sneaking photos of them at Siloso Beach

PHOTO: Screengrab from Twitter

A day of fun under the sun turned sour for two sisters after a man took photographs of them.

One of the women took to Twitter on Jan 18 to warn others about a man behaving suspiciously at Siloso Beach.

In a video clip, she was seen confronting him as she got hold of his mobile phone, asking: "Look at this. You telling me you never take (our photos)?"

According to her, there were eight to nine photographs of her and her sister on the device.

The man asked for his phone back but the woman did not mince her words, telling him: "Don't f****ing come close to me. I will punch your f***ing face right now".

As the sisters ran into the man a second time that day, he said: "Okay, I understand. I understand. I'm sorry about that".

The following day, he apologised for what transpired at the beach via Instagram.

"I saw you girls doing what looked like a TikTok earlier and intended to take a picture on my way to the toilet to ask my friends if they recognise you from the platform," he wrote.

The man apologised for touching the woman as he tried to move her out of the way outside the toilet, saying: "I am sorry for offending you and making you two feel uncomfortable," he explained.

Admitting that his actions were wrong, he apologised for "taking photos of them without consent and for how defensive he was over it afterwards."

It is unclear if the women accepted his apology and if the two parties came to a resolution.

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