This made my day: Qiu Qiu's P1 daughter saves pocket money to buy school canteen snack for family

PHOTO: Instagram/QiuTing 洪萩庭

When you were in primary school, what did you spend your pocket money on?

For local influencer Bong Qiu Qiu's daughter Meredith Tan, she saved up and treated her family to her favourite snack in her first week of school.

On Monday (Jan 17), the proud mother shared on Instagram how her child bought a packet of popcorn chicken after raving to her parents about how "awesome" it was.

Qiu Qiu said: "She said one day when she has enough money she will dabao (takeaway) it for me and Josh (Qiu Qiu's husband)."


When the 34-year-old picked her daughter up from school on Jan 14, the girl excitedly told her that she had a surprise.

The child then showed her a packet of popcorn chicken, something that made the mum "touched and happy".

"It's the first actual thing she bought for us with money out of her pocket," she wrote.

In the comments section, Qiu Qiu's friends Annette Lee, Yutaki James and Beatrice Tan could not help but melt over this precious moment between mum and child.

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