This made my day: Family secretly revamps home after sending parents off for staycation

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/8cheesetofu

An elderly couple went for a staycation over the festive season and were surprised upon their return home. 

With a revamped living room and master bedroom, TikTok user 8cheesetofu's parents were stunned when they saw their 'new' home.

The TikToker posted a video last Thursday (Dec 30) which has since garnered over 77,000 views and 50 comments. With only three days to get everything done, she roped in her siblings and in-laws for help.


In the 15-second clip, there were snippets of housecleaning and furniture moved around but TikTok users asked for more. They wanted to see how her parents reacted to this surprise.

A two-minute-long follow-up video was uploaded last Saturday (Jan 1) and garnered over 14,000 views and 29 comments.


It was a team effort as the decluttering and cleaning took three consecutive nights.

Halfway through the video was the moment everyone has been waiting for — the big reveal.  As expected, the parents were shocked and had questions aplenty.

"Am I living in a new house?" her mother asked.

Meanwhile, the father continued with the questions: "Is the house already painted?" 

There was one more big surprise waiting in the master bedroom — an air-conditioner had also been installed. 

In September 2019, the family of an elderly couple threw a surprise party for their 54th wedding anniversary.

Their granddaughter led them to an outdoor terrace by the sea and that's when they realised they were at their own wedding party.

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