'Just let him go home': Netizens react to SMRT staff asking elderly uncle to leave the train for being too loud

'Just let him go home': Netizens react to SMRT staff asking elderly uncle to leave the train for being too loud
PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook/Sgfollowsall

[UPDATED March 24]

SMRT Trains told AsiaOne that their staff were informed that an elderly man was under the influence of alcohol and speaking very loudly on an eastbound train on the East-West Line.

"For the safety and consideration of other commuters, our staff advised him to alight at the next station. They escorted him out of the train at Dover station," said Lam Sheau Kai, president of SMRT Trains.

Under Rapid Transit Systems (RTS) regulations, 'no person shall conduct himself on any train or in any part of the railway premises so as to cause a nuisance or annoyance to other passengers', said the transport company. 

Anyone who takes the train regularly would know the journey can sometimes be bustling with noise from every corner.

But even amid all that ruckus, how much is too much?

For this elderly man, being too loud was apparently enough to get him escorted out of the train by SMRT staff.

In a video uploaded onto Instagram by Sgfollowsalls on Thursday (March 23), two SMRT staff can be seen trying to explain to the elderly man that he had to exit the train station that was heading towards Changi Airport as he was too loud.

"Uncle, I cannot let you stay inside because you are very loud," said one of the men in a calm but stern tone. "You need to leave, uncle."

It was also apparent that the elderly man was trying to communicate with the SMRT staff, but due to a language barrier, the staff couldn't comprehend what the elderly man was saying.  

Apart from explaining to the SMRT staff, the elderly man is seen taking out his identification card illustrating that he is not fully comprehending why the SMRT staff approached him. 

There's no mention on SMRT's official website whether passengers would be made to leave the train if they make too much noise. 

The clip has drawn strong reactions from people. 

Some are seemingly up in arms over the treatment of the elderly man, saying that it was 'unnecessary', 'they have seen worse' and that 'they should just let him go home'.

While others were trying to make sense of what could possibly be the reason for the uncle to be kicked out of the train. 

Some netizens also pointed out that someone could have possibly complained to the staff, and that they had to respond to the incident.

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