'If you talked politely to me, maybe l will consider helping you': PHV driver slams passenger for being rude

'If you talked politely to me, maybe l will consider helping you': PHV driver slams passenger for being rude
Lim slammed one passenger who allegedly exhibited a negative attitude during the pick-up.
PHOTO: Facebook/Lim Peh

It would have served this passenger well if they remembered to treat others how they would want to be treated.

A private-hire driver (PHV) with the username Lim Peh took to social media yesterday (Jan 19) to express his frustrations about a group of three passengers of whom one was allegedly rude to him during the pick-up.

In his post on Facebook, he said that the passengers who had numerous items with them insisted he ferry them on his "normal car".

He said that the demand was made despite the presence of three riders, two big boxes, one luggage, and two bags all of which needed to fit into his car.

One passenger allegedly told him: "If you don't fetch me, I will complain about you."

Lim added in his post: "If you talked politely to me, maybe I will consider helping you." He didn't say in the post if he eventually drove them. 

Some netizens said that he should have just cancelled the ride and let the passenger to complain.

Others, however, questioned him on why he could not fit all items into his vehicle, and wondered if there was more than what was revealed.

AsiaOne has reached out to Lim for comment.

Lim is not the only driver who has experienced a rider booking a ride with a boot smaller than what they require.

Last year, Franster Wong, a private hire driver for Gojek and Tada shared how he received a one-star review from a male passenger.

The driver said he was infuriated that the passenger told him to change into a bigger car.

In response, he pointed out that the passenger should have chosen an XL-sized car from the start if they required more space in the vehicle's boot.

Speaking to AsiaOne, Wong said: "After so many years of driving, he is the first passenger who said my car is small and asked me to change to a bigger car."

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