'I'd rather be broke than depend on my family': Titus Low reveals why he got into OnlyFans

'I'd rather be broke than depend on my family': Titus Low reveals why he got into OnlyFans
PHOTO: YouTube/Titus Low

Days after he was charged in court for allegedly sharing images of his private parts on OnlyFans, Titus Low has spoken on the matter.

He revealed in a YouTube video on Thursday (Jan 6) that he got into the 'job' so that he could afford an independent lifestyle.

Low, 22, said that when he was 19, he left home and stopped receiving monetary support from his parents.

"It was a rather scary decision moving out. But my mindset was like 'I'd rather be broke trying to survive than depend on my family'."

He was struggling to make ends meet at the time, Low said, adding: "It wasn't until I started OnlyFans when I started making more money so I could support myself, get my own place and finally stand on my own."


According to a report last year, Low lived in a three-bedroom apartment near Bukit Timah that he rented for $9,000 a month. He was also seen driving a Lamborghini in his recent TikTok videos.

While his work on the online content platform was lucrative, he shared that it was a tough job. His mental health took a hit after his intimate photos were leaked on unregulated sites.

"I know I put myself out there, but people sometimes don't realise that I'm human as well," Low said, "It wasn't an easy journey (being on OnlyFans), but I have to do what I do to survive."

Describing his arrest as traumatic, Low said that he would be cooperating with the authorities and will not be posting on OnlyFans for now.

He added: "If I ever have the chance to rewind time, I would of course be more savvy and have a more sustainable lifestyle.

"Because I think I'm young and I just want to have the fun. I want to have the life that I used to dream of."


Low appeared in court on Dec 30 last year to face charges for posting obscene photographs and videos on OnlyFans.

He had also allegedly continued to access his account despite the authorities warning him not to do so.

Low is currently out on bail and his case has been adjourned to Jan 20.



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