'I told myself I can't cry anymore': Single mother left with $8 in her bank account after wallet goes missing

'I told myself I can't cry anymore': Single mother left with $8 in her bank account after wallet goes missing
A single mum was left with $8 after she lost her wallet.
PHOTO: Facebook/Nguyen Thi Hai Yen

A single mother found herself left with just $8 in her bank account after losing her wallet on Tuesday (Jan 16). 

Nguyen Thi Hai Yen was out with her 18-month-old daughter and nanny at White Sands in Pasir Ris at about 6.20pm that day.

The 30-year-old, who works in the catering industry, told AsiaOne she had been eating noodles with her daughter and nanny in the mall, and took her wallet out to pay for the meal. 

She did not use her wallet after that. The trio then walked back to Nguyen's rental room at Block 560, Pasir Ris Street 51. 

The 30-year-old said she only realised her wallet was missing on Wednesday morning. 

"I went back to the restaurant that morning and the staff showed me the CCTV. I was still holding my wallet then, so I think I must have lost it on the way home." 

The black purse contained $600 in cash which was meant to pay off Nguyen's rent. Her identification card, bank card, and a gold necklace that she was safekeeping for her nanny were also inside. 

"My rent was due on Jan 10, but my landlord knows about my financial situation so he said I could pay him next month. But I haven't dared to use the cash at all, I didn't think I'd lose it," said Nguyen, who is a Singapore permanent resident. 

She added that she had to hire a nanny to take care of her daughter as she is the sole breadwinner of her family. 

Left with $8 

Without the cash, the woman said she was left with nothing but a mere $8 in her bank account, which she used to print out notices to paste near her home. 

She told 8world that her friend heard of her plight and lent her $100 to tide her over. Her friend also suggested putting up a post on Facebook to widen her search. 

Nguyen told AsiaOne she has since made a police report about her missing wallet. 

The woman said that she will only have extra cash when her salary is paid on Feb 5. She added that she would have to turn to her sister for help if she runs out of money. 

"Many Singaporeans saw the post and comforted me. I know Singaporeans are good people, I believe that if someone finds my wallet they will return it to me.

"I told myself I cannot cry any more, I need to learn to take things in my stride," said Nguyen to 8world. 

"I usually don't dare spend too much money, because I need to take care of my daughter and pay my nanny," she said to AsiaOne. 

She told AsiaOne on Thursday that has yet to receive any news about her wallet. 

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