'I remind you many times already': Bus driver stops bus, pleads with passenger to stop talking on phone

PHOTO: Screengrab/Stomp

An SBS Transit bus driver's patience was wearing thin when one passenger kept talking on the phone despite numerous reminders.

The incident took place on bus service 162M at around 10.20pm on Monday (Nov 8) when the driver pulled over at Orchard Turn opposite Ngee Ann City according to Stomp.

In a 31-second video recorded by another passenger, the bus captain is seen speaking to the female passenger in a calm but stern manner. 

He said: "I'm not shouting at you, I'm just reminding you. Please.

"Very long time, I remind you many times already [sic]." 


The female passenger responded in confusion, seemingly unaware of the situation. Other passengers can be heard in the video telling her, "Yes, we can hear you." 

This is the latest instance of passengers ignoring safe commuting measures.

On Nov 3, a bus driver was assaulted after telling two passengers to wear their masks properly. They were later arrested and are being investigated for non-compliance with safe distancing measures. 

According to the Public Transport Council, passengers must wear a mask and are advised to refrain from talking while commuting, especially after the rise in Covid-19 clusters at bus interchanges

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