'I can only pray': Singapore Poly student gets stuck in lift for over an hour, nearly misses test

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/babymanddu

Good friends are hard to come by. 

Especially those whose spidey senses tingle when you are in need of help.

Science student and TikTok user babymanddu, who goes by Mandu, shared her experience of getting stuck in the Singapore Polytechnic's T11B lift on Wednesday (May 17).

This happened at right around noon, and Mandu can be seen becoming stressed because she was supposed to be heading to a test.

Being stuck in such an untimely manner, she tried calling for help but her phone had no signal.

"I can only pray that my friends realise that I am gone," she added. 

Despite repeatedly pressing the lift alarm button, there was no sound made to alert folks for help.


Frustrated that she had been trapped for quite some time, Mandu looked at the camera and said: "What am I supposed to do?" 

After being stuck for an hour and a half, she got exhausted from calling for help and even started to feel sleepy.

Mandu told AsiaOne that two of her friends were in the group that had the test before hers and so they noticed when she wasn't present at the lab for her test.

She added that her friends had a feeling that she was stuck in the lift when they tried contacting her but the calls didn't go through. 

"That was when they came to the lift to find me," she shared.

She added that her friends informed the professor what happened and they immediately contacted someone to rescue her. 

"Finally," she said when the campus security team pried open the lift and saw her friends waiting for her at the other side of the door. 

Without wasting time, she rushed to the test venue where her professor was waiting.

Aware of what happened, her professor kindly asked if she was well enough to do the test or if she wanted to reschedule it.

In the end, Mandu decided to proceed with the test as planned.  

Her video caught the attention of many with comments praising her friends for helping her in times of need. 

Many wondered how she remained calm in such a situation with one user even commenting that it's their 'biggest fear'. 

There were some who also gave advice if one were to encounter such a situation in the future. 

What to do when you're stuck in the lift?

According to Building and Construction Authority, if you are trapped in the lift, follow these steps:

  • Do not panic
  • Press the alarm button and wait for help to arrive
  • Do not try to pry open the lift doors
  • If there is an emergency number in the lift, call the number to report the lift malfunction

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