'He's my hero': Mrbrown, LTA 'admire' each other over 'friendly' bus lane enforcement officers in Serangoon

Facebook/mrbrown, Screengrab/Google Maps

What do the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and local blogger mrbrown have in common? Their mutual admiration for each other and bus enforcement officers. 

In a Facebook post on Nov 12, Lee Kin Mun, better known as mrbrown, praised an unnamed LTA enforcement officer for his "photography skills" at catching errant drivers. 

He added that the enforcement officer was snapping photographs of cars illegally driving into the normal bus lane — marked with a solid yellow line — along Upper Serangoon Road, in front of shopping mall Nex.

Lee wrote: "The man even waves to bus drivers as he keeps the lane free for buses.

"He is my hero."

In the comments, netizens shared their similar admiration towards the enforcement officer for being ruthlessly efficient at his job. 

LTA also jumped in the comment section to encourage Lee (and everyone) to wave back at the enforcement officer. "He is very friendly one [sic]," they wrote. 

Labelling him a "hero too", the transport statutory board wrote: "But don't anyhow veer your car into the bus lane for any photo opportunities ok?

"Remember, [the] bus lane is only for buses. These lanes are there to help our fellow bus commuters get to their destinations on time."

According to the Road Traffic rules, offending motorists who are caught driving on the designated normal bus lanes during operation hours will face a $130 fine.

In August, LTA enforcement officers came under the spotlight with their use of speed guns at park connectors to catch cyclists who break the speed limit.