Elderly man seen crawling into taxi at Yishun: Shanmugam explains

Screengrab/Facebook/Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road

For those with mobility issues, entering a car can be an arduous process. 

On Thursday (Jan 13) afternoon, an elderly man was seen sitting on the roadside at Chong Pang, with a small wooden board with wheels beside him.

He later crawled on the ground as he attempted to get into a taxi.

Noticing his struggles, the cabby and two passers-by quickly went to his aid. One of them lifted him into the front passenger seat while others helped to place his belongings in the back seat.

The act of kindness was filmed and posted online on the same day.

While many netizens praised the trio for helping the senior, some asked if the elderly man could receive a wheelchair from social services.




On Friday, Nee Soon MP K Shanmugam wrote on Facebook: "I was sent a video relating to an elderly man in Chong Pang. This gentleman is Mr Lee."

According to Shanmugam, the grassroots, Chong Pang Community Club and Touch Cluster Support have been assisting and providing community support to Lee and his family since 2015.

Volunteer organisations in Chong Pang have also been regularly helping his family to get their essentials.

Although Lee received a wheelchair that was bought with help of the senior mobility fund, he prefers not to use it. 

"A neighbour built the wooden board with wheels for him to move around the home. His preference seems to be to use it outside as well," said Shanmugam.

"Based on our interactions with him, our assessment is that he is independent, and knows his mind."

He thanked the public for giving feedback and said that they will continue to provide assistance to Lee and his family. 

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