Diner horrified after spotting 'medium-sized' rat at Ang Mo Kio Vietnamese baguette stall

Diner horrified after spotting 'medium-sized' rat at Ang Mo Kio Vietnamese baguette stall
PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/Vinnography

Looks like Remy loves Vietnamese food too. 

This man's dinner at a "famous" Vietnamese food stall in Ang Mo Kio – with a 4.6 rating on Google Reviews – was ruined by an unwelcome guest.

Taking to TikTok on Saturday (May 20), 34-year-old Melvin Lee shared that he was having banh mi (Vietnamese baguette) at the popular eatery along Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 the previous day. 

While tucking into his meal, the diner shared that he heard rustling sounds on the nearby shelves.

"To our horror, we saw a medium-sized rat rampaging through the instant noodle packets," Lee said, adding that at least one packet was bitten and torn open.


Besides serving their signature banh mi, Banh Mi Saigon also sells Vietnamese snacks and pantry staples such as soy sauce and dried goods.

Lee shared that he informed the staff about the rodent, who later told him that they would "check later".

"We waited 15 minutes, but they didn't check. So we left," the man said, adding that he had alerted the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) about this incident.

The TikTok video has since garnered over 90,000 views.

In the comments, several netizens were shocked by Lee's "Vietnamese experience".

AsiaOne has contacted Banh Mi Saigon, Lee and SFA for more information.

In March, a diner at an Ang Mo Kio coffee shop encountered an equally stomach-churning scene of a rat scuttling next to roast ducks hung up to dry at a food stall.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News then, 42-year-old Pan said that "Mickey Mouse was bigger than Donald Duck."

"Rats are running up and down the pipes, and the exposed ingredients could easily be contaminated with bacteria, which is very unsanitary," he added.

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