3 arrested after 'royal rumble' at Marine Terrace, 2 other teen girls under investigation


It was a chaotic free-for-all at Marine Terrace when two groups with a bone to pick with each other took matters into their own hands — literally —  despite the two police officers on the scene attempting to defuse the situation.

Three women, aged between 32 and 55, were arrested for affray on Tuesday (Oct 20) after a violent brawl in the vicinity of Block 13 Marine Terrace, police confirmed.

Three other individuals — two teenagers and a 38-year-old man — are currently under investigation, they added.

A viral clip of the scuffle, captioned "royal rumble 2020", showed two women tussling as a police officer tried to restrain a third.

However, the woman quickly broke free from the officer's grip and rushed at a fourth woman, pushing her onto the ground.

Several others watched the fight from a short distance away. At one point, one of them ran forward to join the scuffle, aiming a kick at one of the women.

The 15-second clip, which has been viewed over 119,000 times, cut off abruptly after a second officer strode towards the melee.

The two groups, totalling 11 individuals, had been involved in a dispute when the two officers arrived on the scene.

"Some members of both groups subsequently broke into a scuffle, despite repeated advice and intervention by the officer," the police said.

Both officers were able to break up the brawl eventually.

Six other officers arrived on the scene within minutes to provide assistance, the police added.

Preliminary investigations found that two girls from the opposing groups, aged 14 and 15, knew each other.

The other individuals on the scene were their family members and a friend.

The conflict stemmed from "offensive remarks" made on Oct 19, the police said.

Those convicted of affray face up to one year in jail, or a fine of up to $5,000, or both.