Malaysian man wows internet with portraits drawn with hands, feet and mouth simultaneously


Being ambidextrous is impressive enough but a Malaysian man took it up a notch by drawing with his hands, feet, and mouth at the same time.

All he needs is a few pieces of paper, some markers and a chair.

Most of Saiful Thaqif's TikTok videos show him drawing four portraits simultaneously with both hands and feet but Saiful raised the bar as he also used his mouth to draw in his latest clip.


In the video posted on Tuesday (Jan 11), the 39-year old secondary school teacher can be seen drawing portraits of Malaysian public figures — actor Imuda, former badminton player Lee Chong Wei, and Chef Wan — with his hands and mouth.

On the floor, his feet were hard at work capturing the likeness of Mr Bean and Michael Jackson. 

The father of six children told Malaysian media that he has always been interested in art, especially drawing

He added: "I started drawing seriously last January. In the beginning, I painted a lot of caricatures but it did not get many views.

"If you create interesting content, there will be more views. So, I tried to look for a variety of methods to create art so that people can see and like my work."

Apart from hard work and finesse, creating these portraits require patience too. With photos of public figures acting as references, each drawing session takes him about four hours to complete.

Wowed by the feat, words of praise filled the comments section, with one netizen suggesting that Saiful try his luck at the reality television show America's Got Talent. 


Who knows? We might just see Saiful showcasing his skills on a television show soon but for now, we can admire his artwork on TikTok. 

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