You can actually visit the 'Hell' and 'Paradise' in Single's Inferno - here's how

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By now, you'd probably have heard of Netflix's latest dating reality television show, Single's Inferno. 

The South Korean series, which is currently number one on Netflix's Top 10 chart in Singapore, features 12 beautiful contestants trying to find love while stranded on a secluded island called 'hell'. 

However, they do get the occasional opportunity to escape for date nights with a partner of their choice via helicopter to a place called 'paradise'. 

It isn't surprising that many viewers — including ourselves — were sucked in by the contestants' good looks. But a separate matter that piqued our interest was the location of 'hell' and 'paradise'. 

If you were wondering whether it's possible to actually visit these places, the answer is yes. 


While the term 'hell' gives us mental images of a pit full of fire and pointy-tailed demons, Single's Inferno's version is quite the opposite. 

In fact, its lush greenery, sandy beaches and scenic views give us more glamping vibes, if anything. 

The 168,910 sq m island is actually called Saseungbongdo and is located off the west coast of South Korea, near Seoul.

It was officially registered as an uninhabited island in August 2018. According to South Korea's Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, this means that the island is subject to strict environmental preservation regulations. 

Single's Inferno isn't the only show that was filmed there — the island has been featured in other popular variety shows such as Running Man, Infinity Challenge and Dad! Where Are We Going?

According to tourist information site Incheon Tour, apart from via helicopter, you can get to Saseungbongdo by taking a ferry from either Incheon Coastal Passenger Terminal or Daebudo Island Bangameori Quay to another island called Seungbongdo.

From Seungbongdo, which is just 2.2km away from Saseungbongdo, you will have to rent a private boat to reach your final destination. 

If you're travelling a group, the boat ride fare will come up to about 15,000 won (S$17) per person. However, a single passenger would have to pay $114, so it is advisable to share the boat with others if possible. 

Though the island is unpopulated, it is still considered private property and you'll have to pay an admission fee of $12. 

While there probably won't be any hot singles waiting for you there, you can spend your time swimming, camping and fishing. 

Do note that you will have to wait till the warmer months before paying the island a visit. According to The Korea Herald, the private boats plying the Seungbongdo-Saseungbongdo route do not operate during winter. 


On the other end of the spectrum, we have 'paradise', a gorgeous resort that looks to be the pinnacle of luxury. 

The place is even called Paradise City in real life — how apt! 

Located near South Korea's Incheon International Airport, the resort is an hour away from Seoul and close to Seungbongdo. 

Just like Seungbongdo, it's quite a hot filming location and has appeared in a number of famous music videos. 


K-pop fans might be familiar with the resort as Blackpink's Rose has vacationed there. Big Bang's Taeyang and actress Min Hyo-rin even held their wedding reception there! 


In the show, when the contestants get to go to 'paradise', they always go ham and order an entire feast. And we don't blame them because the place is home to five gourmet eateries, including Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant Imperial Treasure. 

With how grand the suites appeared on the show, it's no surprise that the prices are sky high. As part of the Pool Villa in Paradise package, the most luxurious Grand Deluxe Pool Villa will cost you a cool 12,000,000 won per night.

While most of us definitely can't afford the suites that the contestants stayed in, there are more affordable options. 

According to hotel booking site Expedia, prices as of the time are writing start from $398 per night for a Deluxe Double Room and go all the way up to $709 per night for a Deluxe Suite Double Room. 

When the Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) flight tickets come back on sale, you may want to book yourself a trip to South Korea to visit these two locations yourself. 

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