Why you should consider a wet and dry vacuum cleaner

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What is the difference between a dry only vacuum, and a wet and dry vacuum cleaner?

As its name implies, a dry only vacuum cleaner is meant for cleaning up dry solids such as dust, dirt and soil. The way it operates is very straightforward; the electric motor creates a vacuum or low pressure area, and caused the outside air to rush into the vacuum cleaner.

Debris is picked up when the air flows rapidly from the high to low pressure area straight into a bag. The airflow that gets ejected out from the electric motor passes through a High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filter or other filters to remove microscopic impurities.

A wet and dry vacuum clear is designed differently, and typically comes with a dual chamber system so that the solids and liquids are collected into 2 different buckets.

Do you know?

The electrical components of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner are especially designed to be insulated and waterproof, so that the wet elements running through the vacuum will not short circuit the device. Therefore, it is extremely hazardous to use a dry only vacuum  cleaner for wet spills and liquid.

1. Space friendly

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is an extremely versatile cleaning appliance for both dust and messy wet spills. Therefore, instead of owning 2 devices, a 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner will mean extra storage space savings for a space challenged home.

2. Save time and effort

Some wet and dry vacuum cleaners save time because they are able to multi task by vacuuming, washing the floor, carpet, curtains and upholstery in one easy step. Therefore, they save significant time and effort.

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3. Unclog sinks

The high suction power of the wet and dry vacuum cleaner makes it a perfect device for clearing and unclogging blocked sinks efficiently.

4. Tackle burst pipes disasters and plumbing mess

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are effective against unexpected household water disasters caused by burst pipes or broken taps. They are also a handy equipment for clearing the wet mess left by a plumber.

5. Service aircon unit

A clogged drainage pipe, usually leads to persistent water drips from the aircon unit. Once water starts to drip through the condensate pan, you will need to use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to unclog the blocked drainage pipe.

6. Empty water mattress

If you own a water mattress, or similar household items, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is especially useful to empty and flatten a water mattress within minutes!

8 areas you should look out for prior purchasing the wet and dry vacuum cleaner

a. Suction power
The strength of the suction power is affected by the air flow, in terms of air watts and power rating watts. Usually, the stronger the suction motor, the better is its efficiency.
b. Wet and dry water capacity
Usually, the performance is proportional to the weight and capacity of the vacuum cleaner.
c. Dimensions and size
Look for a compact sized vacuum cleaner if your home is shy on storage space.
d. Materials used
The vacuum cleaner should be made with thick, waterproof and leakproof container.

e. Diameter of hose
The diameter of the hose will affect the size and rate of liquid which the vacuum cleaner picks up.
f. Length of power code
A longer cable allows for larger cleaning areas without the need for power cord extension.
g. Types of accessories
Certain models of the vacuum cleaner comes with special accessories such as crevice tool and wet nozzle.
h. Safety mark approved and warranty
The vacuum cleaner must carry an approved safety mark. The warranty should minimally cover the motor and parts.

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