Wanna impress bae? Chef Benny will let you beat him up to flex this Valentine's Day but not for free

PHOTO: Facebook/Benny Se Teo

Dinner, flowers and chocolates are now old school. 

Chef Benny Se Teo, known for co-founding the popular Western food chain Eighteen Chefs, is now venturing into a different type of business: 'hiring' services for you to impress your girlfriend this Valentine's Day.


In his Facebook post on Wednesday (Feb 10), he uploaded photos of him and a few people, dressed in stereotypical 'gang' attire complete with bloodied 'scars' and gold chains, along with a caption: 

"Hey guys ... I am available for hire on 14 February. You will be on date with your girlfriend ... suddenly i will come and tease her ... you will beat me up to "impress" your girlfriend. One punch $90 ... kick $120 ... flying kick $150 ... black eye (orr bak kak) $150 ... see blood $200".

His post has since been shared over 4000 times, with many netizens asking for discounts and other 'extra' services, such as reliving popular fighting scenes from Hollywood films or some even asking if he needs a sidekick. His replies were downright hilarious. 

Asking for a friend if Chef Benny can perhaps scare aunties instead who are ready to pry into my her personal life.


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