Types of HDB season parking and costs to expect before applying

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Most of us are familiar with the HDB season parking scheme. It grants you long-term parking in the nearest multi-storey or open-air carpark in your estate. Whilst this scheme has helped lots of drivers save on parking fees, the process of getting seasonal parking is not that simple.

Do not let the various kinds of season parking confuse you as we explain everything you need to know about HDB's season parking!

What is season parking

Parking in Singapore has never been cheap, especially when you regularly park for a few hours at a time. As such, season parking allows drivers to park their cars regularly for a fixed monthly rate at certain carparks.

Types of HDB season parking

Season parking

With a valid season parking ticket, drivers can park their cars at any car park in their respective parking group without displaying parking coupons. Slots are sold monthly and are intended for long-term parking.

Family season parking (FSP)

Drivers who visit their families can also purchase season parking for carparks near their family member's housing estate. To apply for FSP, the driver must fulfil certain conditions:

  1. The driver must be the owner, authorised occupier, or an approved subtenant of an HDB apartment
  2. The driver must have valid HDB season parking for his HDB apartment
  3. The driver must be able to prove his relationship with his family member
  4. The driver must be able to prove that the family member is living in the HDB flat

Once granted, FSP costs half the price of standard season parking. There is no limit on the number of FSP tickets that a driver can purchase.

Temporary parking for bereaved family members

Bereaved family members who hold a wake at an HDB estate can apply for temporary season parking as well, regardless of whether they live in that estate or not.

To apply, drivers must produce the official death certificate of the deceased at any HDB service centre from 8am to 5pm on weekdays.

The parking charges are capped at $12 per day for whole day parking (7am to 7am the next day) and $5 per night (10.30pm to 7am the next day).

Things to take note before applying for season parking

Check your eligibility

Before applying, ensure that your desired carpark offers season parking. Certain car parks do not offer season parking as they are usually reserved for residents and tenants of buildings that do not have parking facilities.

Drivers with Singapore registered vehicles are eligible to apply for season parking, which is granted on a first-come-first-served basis.

It is essential to check if the car parks you intend to apply season parking for are available. You can do so by visiting HDB's official website.

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There is an order of priority for season parking

The purpose of the prioritised allocation is to ensure a fair distribution of parking lots, as most HDB carparks are primarily meant for residents.

You can apply for season parking from the first of the month for car parks with a low occupancy rate. Renewal of season parking is done through electronic means, such as Nets.

For car parks with a high occupancy rate, different booking dates are available for different priority groups.

Priority Eligibility Booking dates
First priority First vehicle owned by:
  • HDB flat owners and tenants
  • Registered tenants of HDB commercial and industrial premises
  • Market and hawker stall owners
  • Employees of shops and offices located in an HDB
First company-registered vehicle owned by:
  • HDB flat owners
  • Authorised occupiers
First of the month
Second priority Subsequent vehicles owned by:
  • HDB flat owners and tenants
  • Authorised occupiers
  • Registered shop tenants
18th of the month
Third priority
  • Residents who do not own the registered vehicle
  • Sub-tenants of rooms of an HDB flat
  • Non-residents of the HDB estate
21st of the month

There are two tiers of season parking rates for drivers with cars

For the first car of the household, a tier one season parking rate will apply. The person registering for the season parking must be a registered flat owner, occupier or a tenant living in the HDB estate served by the carpark.

For subsequent cars of the household and vehicles belonging to non-residents, a tier two season parking rate will apply.

The difference between both rates is illustrated in the table below (according to varying locations in Singapore).

Location Season parking charges (tier one) Season parking charges (tier two)
Restricted zone (surface/kerbside) $80 $165
Restricted zone (sheltered) $110 $190
Designated area (surface/kerbside) $80 $150
Designated area (sheltered) $110 $179
Rest of island (surface/kerbside) $80 $90
Rest of island (sheltered) $110 $120
Special precinct $95 $105
Industrial parking (multi-storey) $110 $120
Industrial parking (night parking) - -
Centralised lorry parking $80 $90

*HDB car parks fall under the 'rest of island' category

Is it worth getting season parking?

Season parking is an economical idea for most if not all HDB residents who own a car. Unless you're a non-resident, then you would be on the fence about paying the monthly fee.

It is essential to note that season parking is open to estates near workplaces as well.

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