Too huat to handle: Get your Chinese New Year outfits from these 8 local brands

Too huat to handle: Get your Chinese New Year outfits from these 8 local brands
PHOTO: The Tinsel Rack, Sidersonline

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and for those who celebrate the occasion, you know what this means: A wardrobe upgrade. 

And while you're at it, why not support local too by considering clothes from homegrown brands? 

Don't know where to start? We've curated a list of eight for you to consider. 

The Tinsel Rack 

After Chinese New Year, traditional outfits such as cheongsams often get tossed aside after one round of usage. 


The beauty of The Tinsel Rack's Chinese New Year collection is that many of their pieces are versatile enough to be worn even after the festive period is over. You can also buy them separately if you're only keen on one piece. 

For instance, the chic Dewi Embroidery Mesh Skorts and Laureen Embroidery Mesh Tube Padded Top set lets you mix and match the different components with other clothing. The subtle floral print also makes it suitable for not just Chinese New Year, but other occasions. 

For something more classic, the Rui Qipao Top and Ming Knotted Skirt is another set to consider. While these have more traditional elements like the knotted closures, they still look good for modern day-to-day wear. 

Shop the collection here

Vintage Weekend

Want to make your relative's jaws drop? Then Vintagewknd's Chinese New Year collection, aptly called Lunar Luxe, should be in your list of considerations.

Their stunning selection of bags, tops and bottoms come in bold, unique, eye-catching prints that will help you start the festive season with a bang. 

And the best part? Each piece is handcrafted and sustainable. 


It's hard to choose a favourite but if you'd like something more versatile, get their midi slit skirt. 

Each free-size piece is upcycled from silk scarves in one-of-a-kind prints. 

The cropped blazers are another good option that can add a pop of colour to an outfit. These too are made with upcycled scarves. 

Shop the collection here


Looking for something more casual to lounge around in (or play six hours of mahjong in)? 

You can consider Sidersonline's comfy Chinese New Year t-shirt collection. 

For mahjong addicts who tend to get frustrated over a bad game, there's the Have Paytience Oversized Tee, which shows a mahjong tile fishing for another tile. 


Foodies will love the Hotpot Fill Me Up Oversized Tee, which features an adorable illustration of a hotpot. 

And because it's oversized, it's perfect for hiding that food baby. 

Shop the collection here


Blending together Indonesian and Chinese cultures is Yeomama. 

Instead of silk and cotton, they use batik to craft their pieces, giving it a unique, vibrant finish. 

And best of all, they have options for the whole family. 


Ladies can choose from the Jujube Cheongsam dress or the Yumi Cheongsam Dress

For something a little more unconventional, there is the Koko Cheongsam Playsuit which comes in five unique prints. 

There are also shirts for the men in various patterns and cuttings

And if you have children, there's an entire section for them too so they can match with mummy and daddy. 

Shop the collection here


Another brand with something for the whole family is Ans.ein. 

Their collection is divided into several smaller ones — Megumi, Secret Garden, Love and Joy, Peonies, Ripples and Twinkling Stars. 

For ladies, they have a good mix of both traditional and modern cheongsams with various cuttings and patterns to choose from.  


Fitting for the Lunar New Year, men have options like mandarin collared shirts in quirky prints. 

And if you want to match with the whole family, Ans.ein has created pieces for all ages that come in similar designs — imagine how cool all of you would look when you walk into a relative's home together! 

Shop the collection here

Mod Parade

Apart from modern-looking cheongsams like the Qiu Dress and Meng Cheongsam, they have dresses that can be worn even after the festive season. 

For instance, the Hanne Dress, which comes in two different colourswould make a great summer dress too. 

While the Esther Padded Top is designed to be paired with the Mai Skirt, both pieces can be worn separately in other outfit combinations. 


The men aren't left out either and for them, there is the Noah Shirt which comes in eight fun prints, as well as the Patrice Top, a button shirt without a collar. 

A casual, unisex option is their Ingot Cat Tee which features a cat wearing an ingot as a headpiece.

Shop the collection here

Toddley Thoughts

For those looking for a casual look for the whole family, Toddley Thoughts' Chinese New Year pieces will be right up your alley. 

From adorable mahjong-print baby onesies to colourful embroidered t-shirts, the options will leave you spoilt for choice. 


Foodie families will adore the Steamboat Reunion collection which features, shirts, bags and even pet onesies in a sky-blue t-shirt covered in prints of popular hotpot ingredients. 

For something with more pastel colours, check out the Periwinkle Pineapple and Momo Blossoms Premium Collection

Shop the collection here

Love and Bravery

Similar to Modparade and The Tinsel Rack, Love and Bravery has a good mix of pieces that can be used for everyday wear, as well as several that have a traditional touch. 

Take for instance, the Serah Cheongsam Jumpsuit and Ellerie Cap Sleeve Contrast Button Cheongsam with Sash, both of which feature a classic cheongsam neckline. 


The Thalia Floral Flutter Sleeve Cheongsam is one of the more eye-catching pieces and perfect for hiding a food baby. 

For something more subtle, there's the Chantal V Neck Eyelet Romper and the Callie Printed V Back Tank Midi Linen Dress

Shop the collection here 

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