Tiger-themed fashion items from $14 and up you can wear the whole year

PHOTO: Burberry, Kenzo

Just because it's Chinese New Year, that doesn't mean you have to wear cheongsams, qipaos, or other traditional outfits.

Instead, you can dress up in fun and modern 'Year of the Tiger' collections that fashion brands have launched.

The best part? These pieces are wearable all year round.

And we've found great fashion pieces at all prices so you can snap up a tiger accessory and stay within your budget or splurge a little for timeless tiger pieces that are both comfortable and flattering.

From tiger handbags by Gucci to stunning tiger blouses from Mango, this list of tiger-print fashion for 2022 has everything you could want.

Tiger print shirt, $89, from Mango

If you are looking for a piece that will make you feel like a girl boss in the urban jungle, this top is perfect. The realistic black tiger print against a warm orange-gold colour is very versatile.

It can complement women with darker skin tones while standing out against lighter skin tones.

You'll love the light and flowing fabric in Singapore's heat; tuck it into your pants or wear a belt to give yourself a cinched waist.

Buy it here.

Tiger-print midi skirt and trucker jacket, $199 and $349, from Clot x Levi's

Denim lovers, get ready to add fresh tiger-patterned pieces to your wardrobe. Clot X Levi's high-waist midi skirt with a back silt and their cropped trucker jacket with Chinese button knots elevate denim with designer details.

The slightly cropped female version of the trucker jacket comes with Chinese button knots, which is a Clot signature.

All pieces in the collection also come with specially designed co-branded shank buttons, double-layered patches, and silk back patch adorned with Clot's emblematic Silk Royale pattern.

This blue and white collaboration by the two brands is the east meet west style that we didn't know we needed.

Available exclusively in Levi's at VivoCity from Jan 14, 2022.

Tiger Graphic Technical Wool Jacquard Dress, $1650, Burberry

Even without accessories, this tiger-print polo dress is a complete outfit on its own. The tiger print features felines with bright red scarves, making it a definite eye-catcher. Just throw on a pair of shoes and you are good to go.

The dress is made from technical wool - which means this outfit is super-easy to wear. Technical wool is when wool fibres are chemically straightened to make a super smooth, super fine natural fabric knit that's cool enough for tropical weather.

The process of making technical wool is a bit like straightening or perming hair, apparently. You don't have to iron technical wool - creases just drop out. Plus, it's very smooth to the touch and does not cause the skin to itch.

Burberry also makes this same tiger pattern in a sweater ($1650) and cardigan ($1750), so there are options to choose from if a dress isn't your thing!

Buy it here.

Thomas Bear Charm in Tiger Costume, $610, from Burberry

If you know anything about Burberry, you'll have heard about Thomas Bear. This year, the Burberry collectable mascot is dressed up in a tiger costume, ready to be displayed on your handbags.

The bear bag charm features moveable arms and legs so you can position him however you like.

With hand-painted edges and polished metal hardware, this little furry Burberry bear screams 'luxury', and we want in.

Buy it here.

A Tropical Tale handprinted silk scarf, $80, from Binary Style

It doesn't get more versatile and tropical than this silk scarf. Handprinted by local Singapore designers Binary Style, this design takes you back to early Singapore when pineapples and rubber trees filled the island (and when tigers roamed through the plantations and forests).

The scarf is larger than usual and the edges are sewn by hand. This means you can tie this fabric as a scarf, shirt, skirt, or as a hair accessory. YouTube is full of tutorials showing you new ways to tie a silk scarf if you want to look for new ways to wear this piece.

Buy it here.

Bandana 'Wrappy' silk scarf, $290, from Fendi

This 2022, the last thing you need ruining your look is messy, sweaty hair. This two-sided silk bandana keeps flyaways from your face while ensuring you look stylish on-the-go.

We love how this narrow scarf is fully reversible, with a colourful tiger print on the front full of purples, reds, and oranges and a classic Fendi FF pattern on the back, and we think you will too.

Wear it as a headband, wrap it around the handle of your bag, wear it as a necklace - you've got so many options to wear this fashion accessory in 2022.

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Tiger Embroidered Clutch, $35.40, Pomelo

This tiger-embroidered clutch bag is equal parts majestic and fun. The bag is decorated with gold trimmings and gives us the image of a tigress sitting on her throne in the middle of an enchanted forest.

This clutch handbag is available in either pink or black so you have options to match your different outfits during this Year of the Tiger.

Buy it here.

Lunar New Year Tiger Backpack, $2500, from Versace

Need a backpack that looks sophisticated enough to bring to work once your office starts WFO again? This chic red and black bag is the go-to luxury option. At 37cm in height, it fits most laptops, plus adjustable and padded straps make the bag comfortable to carry.

This bold statement piece tells everyone that 2022 is going to be your year.

Buy it here.

Precious Tiger Square 70 silk scarf, $545, from Louis Vuitton

This piece is every Louis Vuitton lover's dream combined into one. This pure silk square scarf is printed all over with four different tiger designs and other iconic Louis Vuitton symbols.

You can choose two colourways - we love this mix of colours such as pink, light blue, and gold. Combined together, the print makes you feel like you are going to a party.

The Vuitton Precious Tiger 70 scarf also comes in a bold red colour for those who prefer something more daring.

Buy it here.

Candypants Wide Leg Beach Trouser, $51.99, from Asos

It's time to strut your sexy tiger stuff in these wide-legged, lightweight pants. The fabric is lightweight enough for Singapore's heat and the cut is super flattering and inclusive.

Whether you're dressing up for a date night out or brunch with the girls, this piece will make you feel like the star of your own private fashion movie. If you are also interested in the top ($64.99) for a complete look, they are sold separately. Sizes for both pieces go up to 2XL

The best thing is that Asos manages to ship to Singapore within two weeks, so add to cart today and you'll still be able to get this in time for Chinese New Year.

Buy it here.

Tiger hooded boxy sweatshirt, $635, from Kenzo

This year Kenzo release a cropped tiger sweatshirt that gives off a casual yet classy look.

Made of organic cotton, with an eye-catching embroidered tiger on the front, it will give you the confidence you need in order to face life head-on in 2022.

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The Catalyst Store's Tiger Printed Asymmetric Socks, $13.90, from Zalora

Sometimes all you want to do is have a good time and these socks will help feel right in the mood for some cheer. These calf-length socks are asymmetrical and you can have fun seeing which shoes fit this eccentric pair.

From sports shoes to formal shoes, go wild!

Buy it here.

DKNY Women Tiger Print Sheer Long Sleeve Cropped Top, $77, from Zalora

Translucent and see-through shirts are a fashion trend that's just getting stronger.

This semi-sheet top is especially versatile and flattering because the cropped silhouette and tiger print means you can wear this top with almost everything. Throw it on with jogger pants, jeans or a high-waisted skirt for outfits for any occassion.

Buy it here.

Tiger Women's Ace sneaker, $1140, from Gucci

These white leather Gucci sneakers are decorated with embroidered flowers and tiger. To add even more fashion cred, the tigers are a reinterpretation of a fashion illustration from the 1960s by Vittorio Accornero, a well-known artist and illustrator.

Gucci re-interpreted some of his work from their famous fashion illustration archives to create these limited-edition Tiger sneakers for 2022

With a bright red web at the back to bring everything together, wearing these shoes will be like wearing art on your feet.

Buy them here.

Tiger Medium tote bag, $3670, from Gucci

This medium tote bag by Gucci is a stunner. Made of off white leather, it's decorated with tigers and other animals running freely in the wild.

This Gucci tote bag also comes with a detachable shoulder strap so that you can wear the bag whichever way fits your look for the day.

There is also a hook closure so the bag will always maintain its shape when closed.

This product can only be purchased in stores in Singapore. To find out more here.

The article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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