Singapore Airlines now has discounted bundle flight tickets for the kiasu traveller - but is it worth it?

PHOTO: Singapore Airlines

Want to travel sometime in the future but don't want to fork out a premium for your air ticket? You can now snag cheaper flights with Singapore Airlines' (SIA) Flight Pass

On Thursday (Nov 25), the airline announced that Flight Pass will allow travellers to make advanced purchases of discounted bundles of tickets that can be utilised for future bookings. According to SIA, you can potentially save up to 20 per cent off the usual ticket cost. 

Flight Pass will first be offered for SIA flights between Singapore and Amsterdam, Barcelona, Milan, Paris, Rome, Seoul and London.

You can purchase a Flight Pass for a single destination, or the multi-destination pass which covers Barcelona, Milan, Rome and Paris. 

These flights are valid within six, 12, or 18 months from purchase and customers who choose a travel validity period of six or 12 months can later choose to extend the validity period up to 18 months for a fee. 

With the bundle system, travellers can enjoy discounted airfares for multiple flights even before they decide on their exact travel dates. The Flight Pass can also be customised based on parameters like travel zones, the number of flights, the travel period. 

You can also choose from different fare types, ranging from Lite, the cheapest, to Flexi, which comes with perks such as more baggage allowance and free flight changes. 

What's even better is that you don't have to worry about fare increases as the price is locked in at the point of purchase. 

Additionally, if you're concerned about not being able to single-handedly utilise all the tickets within the bundle, fret not as these can be shared among multiple people.  


And if your destination of choice is not listed above, don't worry too much as SIA says it hopes to progressively expand Flight Pass to other points in the SIA network.

Maximise your savings

Just like all the other any prepaid package deals out there — think gym memberships and ClassPass subscriptions — it's only worth it if you're able to make full use of the flights booked within the travel period. So this would probably be a good option for frequent fliers and business travellers who might have to make regular trips to the same destination. 

And although your fares are locked in at a lower rate, you'll also have to give up some flexibility, limiting yourself to the chosen travel period and booking class.

Your final fare is calculated based on the parameters you set, so here's how to get the most savings: 

  • The fewer passengers sharing the pass, the cheaper
  • Save more by purchasing more flights 
  • A shorter period gets you more savings
  • Having a longer advance booking period will net you a lower price per flight.

To purchase your tickets, visit SIA's Flight Pass website 

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