Savour sugar-free treats at these bakeries - now, that's sweet!

Diabetes-friendly bakeries such as Seriously Keto (left) and Kekito serve up seriously satisfying desserts.
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World Diabetes Day (Nov 14) is a day to remind us that the condition affects more than 400 million adults around the world.

There are two types of diabetes: Type 1 is genetic and occurs because the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to regulate glucose in the blood, while Type 2 is related to weight management and caused by lifestyle factors like alcohol intake and lack of exercise.

Still, diabetes can be controlled with healthier lifestyle choices, such as eating less carbohydrates and refined sugars, and exercising regularly.

But that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to something sweet every once in a while. A little goes a very long way, so when you want to satisfy a sweet craving, these bakeries serve sugar-free desserts that generally call for natural sugar substitutes.

Some even serve sweets that cater to other dietary restrictions like gluten and dairy allergies.

Ange Bakes Keto Bakery & Cafe


Never mind dessert, this humble bakery and cafe located in the basement of The Adelphi carries keto and diabetes-friendly savoury eats too.

Think Keto Chicken Curry Puffs and Keto sandwiches. On the sweets spectrum are Keto Mini Burnt Cheesecakes, Mocha Swirl Pound Cake, cottony Hokkaido Cupcakes and New York Style Chocolate Cheesecake.

All the bakes here are gluten-free and use natural sugar substitutes that don't cause a spike in blood sugar levels.

Delcie's Desserts & Cakes


2009 feels like a lifetime ago, and that's what makes Delcie's Desserts & Cakes a stalwart in the sugar-free dessert market.

Since that time, this bakery has been baking diabetes-friendly desserts using mostly low-GI plant-based sweeteners such as organic stevia, organic agave and organic coconut sugar.

Among them is the Red Forest Cake, a beautiful organic vanilla bean cake layered with chopped strawberries. There are also keto (sugar-free), baby-friendly (no nuts, honey, chocolate, egg or dairy), vegan and gluten-free bakes to choose from here.

And if you've ever found yourself in urgent need of a cake for someone with dietary restrictions, take note that Delcie's has a Same Day Urgent Delivery Menu to save your behind.



Health-conscious dessert lovers have been flocking to the Singapore outpost of this international brand since it opened in late 2019.

Founded by Traditional Chinese Medicine professor Leo Li, Camaca serves a plethora of sweet things like nama chocolates, roll cakes, layered cakes, tarts and sugar-free gelato.

The latter comes in wonderful flavours like Pomelo Tea, Lychee Rose and Musang King Durian, which you can have with toasty waffles or swirled prettily into cups. The cafe's photogenic Cheese Roll Cakes are also a hit with regulars.

Kekito Bakery


The name Kekito is a mash-up of the words keki (Japanese for cake) and keto (in reference to the diet). Essentially that means that this bakery makes Japanese-style cakes with little carbohydrates.

Fans swear by Kekito's Japanese Yuzu Cheesecake, while the Blueberry Yogurt Mousse Cake is also divine. Smooth and light, it almost feels guilt-free. Almost — 'cos while it's sugar-free, it ain't calorie free!

Those with egg allergies will appreciate the eggless Chocolate Rare Cheesecake, which is deep, dark and very satisfying.

Seriously Keto


This bakery has made an art out of supporting the sweet tooths of those avoiding sugar.

Besides beautiful cakes and cookies, it sells keto groceries like syrups, condiments and even baking supplies like pancake and brownie mixes. Some of the best bakes here include the Pecan Coconut Tart, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Pandan Chiffon Cake.

And if you're missing a good Thai Iced Tea that's keto-compliant — meaning it is sweetened using natural sugar substitutes — this is the place to satiate that craving!

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