From poetry to pastry: Influencer Nicole Choo opens her own online business selling croissants

PHOTO: Instagram/Nicole Choo, Instagram/Krazykroissants

Along with the many circuit bakers who launched their own home-based ventures during the pandemic, celebs like Rebecca Lim and Fann Wong have also taken to online platforms to hawk their bakes. 

Jumping onto that bandwagon is content creator Nicole Choo, who recently announced that she is starting her own online croissant business called Krazy Kroissants

According to an Instagram Story from a week ago, the 22-year-old has been working on this project for a while and will be officially launching it this Friday (Dec 17). 

Curious to see what's on the menu? A quick scroll through Krazy Kroissant's Instagram reveals a few flaky goodies we can look forward to, and some of these have pretty interesting names. 


For instance, there is Lucid Cream, which essentially is a croissant packed with cream cheese and drizzled with condensed milk. 


Scrambled eggs and croissants are a classic combination, but Krazy Kroissants adds a little pizzazz to theirs by using truffle scrambled eggs and turkey bacon. 


Kaya lovers can consider getting Kaya King, which adds a local touch to the French pastry.


And if you just like your croissants simple and plain, go for Mr Nice Guy, which is the base for all of the other loaded croissants at Krazy Kroissants. 

If you're keen, you can place your orders for the croissants on Krazy Kroissant's website on Friday when it goes live.

24-hour islandwide delivery is also available and the croissants will be delivered to you within one to two hours. 

This isn't the Nicole's first venture outside of creating social media content — the young entrepreneur has written her own poetry book Nineteen and manages her own clothing line called wtflol.okbye 

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