National Kitchen by Violet Oon and Jumbo Seafood have the best laksa and chilli crab in the world: TasteAtlas

Facebook/ Violet Oon, Facebook/ Jumbo Seafood

As Singaporeans, we're always on the hunt for good food, whether locally or overseas (back when we could still travel). Hence when we hear that there is a list of the best traditional food in the world, you know we'd have to check it out. 

And according to TasteAtlas, which brands itself as "a world atlas of traditional dishes, local ingredients and authentic restaurants", the best laksa, chilli crab, duck rice and curry laksa can be found right here in Singapore. 

Their list showcases 100 dishes, their country of origin, and the restaurant it deems you can find the best version of the dish. As expected, the best place to have these dishes are in a restaurant located in the country of its origin. 


The only exception is laksa. The country of origin is listed as Malaysia, but the best restaurant to have it is Singapore's National Kitchen by Violet Oon. While some Singaporeans would question whether laksa originates from Malaysia, we think that Singaporeans would be pleased that we are home to the best laksa. 

Interestingly enough, National Kitchen by Violet Oon serves up a dry version of the Peranakan dish, as opposed to the usual soupy version most of us as familiar with. 


Other Singapore restaurants on the list are Jumbo Seafood for chilli crab, Sungei Road Laksa for Curry Laksa and Hup Seng Duck Rice for duck rice. 

For those wondering which Malaysian dishes and restaurants made the list, there is Madam Kwan's, which used to have an outlet in VivoCity, for nasi lemak.