More carparks that P-plate drivers should avoid in Singapore


For beginners, vertical parking might look easy when it's in the circuit and the only obstacle around the lot are kerbs and grass. Carparks come in all forms of shapes and sizes — with little to no room for one to make mistakes.

While we already have a list of carparks that P-platers should avoid in Singapore, we've decided to extend it by introducing five more infamous carparks to avoid until you've had more experience.

1. Burlington Square carpark

Located at Bencoolen, Burlington Square consists of an apartment complex building well into its years and various amenities and shops in its vicinity.

Drivers who only have larger and wider vehicles must be extra careful of all the pillars in this carpark when manoeuvring within the compound. One early or late turn will result in your car earning a scratch or even a dent from an oddly placed pillar in the middle of nowhere.

For those who require empty spaces on either side of your car to be able to park properly, you'd want to rethink parking at this carpark as pillars on both sides separate every lot.

2. Clifford Centre carpark

Located at Raffles Place, most experienced drivers are familiar with this infamous killer carpark.

Upon entering, drivers need to climb up a steep slope and navigate a narrow turn before reaching the first floor. While the area is not as littered with pillars as Burlington Square, you'll find yourself facing a wall every now and then.

Those who are not confident with sharp turns might want to skip this carpark.

3. Wisma Atria carpark

Located at the heart of Orchard, the Wisma Atria mall is a shopping haven for most Singaporeans.

Whilst this carpark is much more spacious than the previous two, it is filled with sharp turns in between every lane. This makes searching for an empty lot much more tedious as drivers must stop now and then to squeeze their cars through a turn, only to be faced with a small area constantly filled with parked vehicles.

If you're not a fan of nausea-inducing slopes and turns, it's better to choose a parking space at a different mall.

4. Golden Mile carpark

Located at Beach Road, this carpark is not forgiving in terms of height clearance given to vehicles.

Besides that, the Golden Mile carpark is filled with narrow two-way lanes, which spell trouble for family cars and MPVs. Even if you successfully squeeze your way through the area, you might find yourself facing a dead end due to its ridiculously tight design.

The architect even made sure to throw in a random wall, which might create potential roadblocks if other drivers decide to park in the bays opposite of it.

If you drive with a car roof box or have a taller vehicle in general, be sure to avoid this carpark. 

5. Orchard Building carpark

Located at Orchard, this carpark is another fan favourite when it comes to Singapore's toughest carparks.

Those unfamiliar with the layout might find themselves reversing quite a fair bit, which is not the best when the lanes are short and narrow as well.

Drivers in a rush will receive at least one scratch or dent on their cars as full-lock steering is required to navigate through each turn.

For those who prefer more space when it comes to navigating through a carpark, you'd want to cross out this carpark as an option to visit.

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This article was first published in sgCarMart.