Love across the Causeway: Man goes to JB to meet his Tinder date

Love across the Causeway: Man goes to JB to meet his Tinder date
PHOTO: PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok/imjoonah

The mere thought of leaving your home to go on a date can be nerve-racking for some. 

But for one guy in Singapore, he went the extra mile (literally) by meeting his Tinder date in Johor Bahru.

In a TikTok video posted on Tuesday (May 16), Jon, who goes by the username imjoonah, shared how his date unfolded, with the caption "spontaneous at its finest [sic]".

Zooming through Singapore's and Malaysia's respective customs, he arrived two hours early for his date and killed time by going to a karaoke studio. 

He initially thought he was being stood up by his date as he wasn't able to find her. Fortunately for him, that didn't seem to be the case as the date continued as planned at a sky bar, where he made reservations. 

In the video, he also shared his thoughts on the venue, rating the panoramic views there a four out of five. The sky bar even had a live performance by a band. 

He got a long island tea, which was too strong as he found it to be "80 per cent alcohol with 20 per cent mixer". 

Food-wise, he gave a 1.5 out of five rating as he found bones in his fish and chips. 

That said, he rated his date 5.5 out of five in the comments section.

Then they checked out a carnival, which possibly could be at Danga Bay World Theme Park judging by the carousel shown in the video. 

The night continued as they walked along a pier, followed by a karaoke session. 

After the date, Jon hitched a ride back home. He was quite happy with how the evening went, noting that he felt he planned the night quite well.

Will there be a second date? 

Despite a successful date, Jon mentioned at the end of the video that he won't be doing it again. 

Netizens were curious to know if they ended up together. Jon replied with a vague answer, indicating that there might not be a second date. 

That said, netizens did applaud him for his effort in making the trip across the Causeway for a date.

Love knows no borders

This is not the first time someone went the extra mile of travelling out of Singapore just to meet their date. 

On April 28, TikTok user ionlyeatasparagus documented his journey flying 10,000km to London to meet a date he encountered on Hinge, a dating app.

However, he did face a couple of hurdles before reaching his destination, from not being able to check in smoothly to a nine-hour layover in Dubai, something he did not realise before the flight. 

Upon reaching London, the man took the London Underground train to the home of his date.

As his date was at work at the time, he was told to retrieve the house key from a bush.

"How I find the bush sia," he asked.

Ionlyeatasparagus then contemplated his life decisions and questioned if he was being gullible, fearing that his date might stand him up, leaving him with no accommodation for the night.

The story did get a happy ending though, as he fell asleep in his date's house, and woke up to beef bourguignon, cooked by his date.

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