Influencer Naomi Neo is selling 2 scrunchies for $50 and other bling under her new accessory brand

PHOTO: Nnchanted 

It seems like Nicole Choo isn't the only influencer who has recently started her own business.

Joining her on the entrepreneur train is Naomi Neo, who launched her own accessory line Nnchanted yesterday (Dec 15). 

According to a post on the 26-year-old content creator's Instagram, this is something that she has wanted to pursue for the longest time and she's "been dreaming of this day since [she] was a little girl". 

"Today, I hope that I can share this love I have with everyone and allow anyone to feel a little extra on days they feel a little less," she added. 

As of now, the capsule collection has three products designed in collaboration with brand enablement platform AnyMind Group: Stashchie Duo, Czarina Multi-way Chain and Alitza Multi-way Chain

These are all handmade in Thailand, according to the brand's website.

Stashchie Duo ($50) 

Scrunchies have slowly crept back into trend thanks to the Y2K fashion wave, so Naomi decided to create her own rendition called the stashchie.  

These are made from satin which is supposed to be gentle on the hair and minimise creasing and breakage. 

The scrunchies also come with a secret hidden zip compartment that's large enough to stash some cash and even a lip balm, making it "perfect for errand runs". 

Each set costs $50 for two scrunchies, and includes an exclusive Nnchanted pouch. 

Czarina Multi-way Chain ($65) 

True to its name, this versatile chain can be used multiple ways — as a necklace, mask chain or sunglass chain. 

The chain itself is rhodium plated and nickel-free and features cubic zirconia.

If you plan on using the chain for your glasses, compatible glasses attachments are included for your convenience. 

Just like the scrunchies, the Czarina Multi-way Chain also comes packed in an exclusive Nnchanted pouch. 

Alitza Multi-way Chain ($55) 

Similar to the Czarina Multi-way Chain, the Alitza Multi-way Chain can be worn in a variety of ways.

The difference is that this chain is gold plated and comes embellished with pearls for a different look. It also comes with compatible glasses attachments. 

Just like the other two products, it comes with an exclusive Nnchanted pouch. 

If you're keen on purchasing the products, you can do so on Nnchanted's website. As of now, they only ship to addresses in Singapore, but will soon be expanding their reach to international consumers. Free local shipping is available with a minimum spend of $80. 

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