I tried Fann Wong's $88 CNY Fanntasy bundle of treats, and I think it's worth the price - here's why

I tried Fann Wong's $88 CNY Fanntasy bundle of treats, and I think it's worth the price - here's why
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Hot on the heels of Christmas feasts of turkeys, hams and desserts, Chinese New Year (CNY) is approaching.

As we enter another celebration with tables lined up with tempting CNY goodies, local celebrities have entered the fray, presenting their own bakes and snacks such as cookies, tarts and even bak kwa.

Amongst them is local actress Fann Wong who has recently launched a CNY Fanntasy Bundle through her online pastry store, Fanntasy.

The CNY Fanntasy Bundle retails at $88, and I had the opportunity to try it when it was delivered to the AsiaOne office.

The CNY bundle came in a minimalist white box. On the inside, there was a trio of neatly packed boxes: Pineapple tarts, butter pecan cookies and tiramisu. 

Taste test

I am a sucker for pineapple tarts, once I start, I can’t stop. 

The moment we opened the box, the rich, velvety aroma of buttered pastry wafted through. 

The pineapple tarts here weren't the open-faced versions; instead, they were closed. 

Before taking a bite, we cut one in half to inspect the jam filling. It's safe to say the filling is generous, a thick glob of pineapple jam to be exact.

Taste-wise, it was not too sweet. 

While this is what some would prefer, I actually wished it was a tad bit sweeter. 

Don’t get me wrong, overall you get a balanced flavour from the buttery exterior and the pineapple jam. I just expected it to be a bit sweeter given the proportion of pineapple jam to pastry.

Up next was the butter pecan cookies. This has got to be my favourite out of the three goodies. 

They had a nice crunchy texture (thanks to the pecans), complementing the rich, buttery flavour with a hint of sweetness. 

Last but certainly not the least is the tiramisu. I would like to preface that tiramisu is not my go-to dessert of choice.

I like my coffee and desserts separate.

But after one spoon of coffee-soaked ladyfingers, I contemplated and went for another. 

At first, I savoured the the fleeting lusciousness of the mascarpone cream, followed by the rich, bitter coffee flavour which comes right after.

It wasn't a caffeine assault to the palate. Instead, it was a delicate blend of sweet, bitter and creaminess. 

Will I get one for myself? Yes, just for the tiramisu and butter pecan cookies!

For those who find it a bit pricey, here's a bit of 'girl math' logic: The bundle is priced at $88, essentially breaking down to $29.30 for one box. 

While some might consider it a tad bit on the pricier side, it's important to note that you're essentially paying $29.30 for tiramisu, which is generously portioned and can decently feed two to three people. 

Additionally, the elegant packaging makes it a perfect and thoughtful gift for your CNY visits.

You can get the CNY Fantasy Bundle online.

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