Huan In A Million: Chen Xiuhuan launches gourmet brand selling truffle 'pen cai' for CNY


It's no secret that veteran actress Chen Xiuhuan knows her way around the kitchen. Now, fans will finally be able to sample her creations for themselves.

Xiuhuan took to Instagram today (Jan 7) to announce the launch of her F&B brand Huan In A Million, a collaboration with Royal Cuisine Group.

The 56-year-old's very first product is a truffle 'pen cai' dish that she developed with renowned Hong Kong-born chef Chan Wai Keung.

The Cantonese dish traditionally consists of ingredients layered in a communal pot. It is commonly served at festive occasions such as Chinese New Year. 

"At Huan In A Million, we boldly combined traditional Chinese cuisine and Western-style truffles to create this dish," Xiuhuan wrote.

According to the video she shared, her rendition of the dish includes abalone, scallops, prawns, mushrooms and an assortment of other ingredients.


The dish will be launching on Jan 13 and only 100 sets will be available.

While Xiuhuan did not reveal the price or order instructions, she assured that more details would follow.

Huan In A Million will also be launching other dishes in the near future, she added.

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