How you deal with breakups, based on your star sign


There is no one way to do relationships right. Everyone has a different love language, and different expectations of their partners. From a psychological perspective, how we were raised also affects how we view love. Most of the time, we understand relationships and base our relationships on the relationships of those closest to us.

Contrary to popular belief, astrology is non-judgmental. Star signs can be used to understand the people around us, ourselves, our needs and values, and why we experience pain or heal differently.

By seeking within and understanding our truth, we become brave to pursue what we need or want in life, including finding romantic partners that suit our personalities.

*For advanced astrology enthusiasts, please also check your rising sign (outer energy) and moon sign (emotional energy).

Aries ♈

Birth Dates: March 21st – April 19th

At the very beginning: Be prepared to get swept off your feet by Aries’ charms and confidence. They are very direct, and enjoy taking the lead.

The good: A lot of Aries are go-getters and high achievers, so they usually have an impressive resume, and are confident, decisive, determined, and honest.

The bad: They can be needy, selfish, impatient, easily bored, argumentative, and jump into relationships impulsively.

The breakup: Because Aries are known for their rashness, their relationships are often passionate but short-lived. They will also move on to the next connection quickly.

Taurus ♉

Birth Dates: April 20th – May 20th

At the beginning: Taureans are usually slow movers. They will observe you first and, in their own time, decide what relationship they want with you. Taureans are generally dedicated to their partners.

The good: On their good days, Taureans are caring, thoughtful, and involved in their relationships.

The bad: Taurus is the sign that’s known to be stubborn AF. They can also be possessive, controlling, and want things only in their terms – it’s either their way or the highway.

The breakup: Taureans always stay in relationships that are past their expiry dates. As a fixed sign, they find it hard to get out of their comfort zone and leave. But once they leave, they are firm with their decision.

Gemini ♊

Birth Dates: May 21st – June 20th

At the beginning: Geminis often bring spice into a relationship with their uncertainty and unpredictability. What’s exciting about them is that they’ll try almost anything once. Humour is also one of their outstanding traits.

The good: For those who get bored with routines, Geminis are the ones for you as they are exciting, adventurous, fascinating, independent, and freedom-loving.

The bad: As a mutable sign, Geminis change their mind frequently. One day they love you, the next day they don’t. Many people say that they don’t understand Geminis, but the truth is, Geminis usually don’t even understand themselves.

The breakup: Gemini is one of the signs that is known for their “ghosting” abilities. They do not like confrontation and prefer going off and disappearing to figure things out.

Cancer ♋

Birth Dates: June 21st – July 22nd

At the beginning: Cancerians do not take relationships and emotional matters lightly. That said, Cancerians are capable of pretending to have a good time fooling around without feeling deeply as they are a crab with a hard shell to hide their emotions. But when they fall, they fall hard.

They love rushing into relationships, but the trick to a long-lasting relationship with them is to pace the relationship and understand their mood swings.

The good: On their good days, they can be demonstrative, loving, affectionate, kind, giving, domesticated, and love playing home with their significant other.

The bad: They can be quite sensitive, so if you mess up, they will tell you!

The breakup: Cancer is the sign of the crab. Once they use their pincers to grab hold of something, they are never letting go. Cancerians are known for going back to exes for a long time, until they decide to release their grip and let go.

Leo ♌

Birth Dates: July 23rd – Aug 22nd

At the beginning: Leo is the sign that rules the heart. As an “extreme” sign, they would love and care for a person to an excessive point. As such, they would expect the same level of “extreme” love from their partners. Romantic AF. Yet, at the same time, demanding AF.

The good: Leos are confident, enthusiastic, supportive, loyal, attentive, and hardworking.

The bad: It takes a lot for Leos to get angry, but when that happens, run for your dear life! Their tempers are next-level dramatic. (Imagine a lion roaring.) They also get affected when the spotlight is not on them.

The breakup: Leo is the sign of the performer, so expect nothing less than an Academy Award-winning performance filled with tears, stories of sacrifices, and ending with a painful heartbreak.

Virgo ♍

Birth Dates: Aug 23rd – Sept 22nd

At the beginning: Virgos are highly critical and guarded. It will take a fair amount of time before they finally trust you and let you in. However, once they do, they are very reliable and are excellent planners. They’ll remember all your likes and dislikes, and are very consistent with their love though they may not be overly romantic with their words/actions.

The good: Virgos are known to be reliable, hardworking, tasteful, attractive, orderly, and well-prepared.

The bad: Because they are perfectionists, they can drive their partners insane due to the need to control, or if things don’t go according to their plans.

The breakup: Virgos are the overthinkers of the star sign, especially when they are the ones being dumped. They will go through scenarios in their head over and over again to analyse what went wrong. This Restar sign would probably be the star sign that self-blames the most, and overthinks until they become negative or develop anxiety or panic attacks.

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Libra ♎

Birth Dates: Sept 23rd – Oct 22nd

At the beginning: Libras are the second most romantic sign after Leo. Unlike Leos, who are showy and dramatic, a Libran’s romance style is more sweet and thoughtful. However, sometimes Librans tend to fall in love with the illusion of “love” and do not realise that their partner is not suitable for them. Overall, get prepared to be swept off your feet… while it lasts.

The good: As Libra is the sign that is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, most Librans are highly attractive, seductive, charming, giving, affectionate, and are loving partners.

The bad: Can be a bit needy at times, and because of their need to please their partners, they can sometimes be a willing doormat and allow their partners to step all over them.

The breakup: It takes a long time for Librans to leave their partners as they always give their partners the benefit of the doubt, and also want to come up with a win-win situation. Librans need to remember that though they may think they are hurting someone else by putting their foot down and walking away, all is fair in the game of love and war.

Scorpio ♏

Birth Dates: Oct 23rd – Nov 21st

At the beginning: Scorpios want to have a good look at you but are extraordinarily prudent about revealing their real personalities and showing their intentions. It would be best if you make it clear that give and take is vital, and mutual sharing is required.

The good: They are passionate, sexy, deep in thoughts, observant, caring, and protective.

The bad: They have to control everything around her, and that includes relationships. They can also be vengeful; remember all the things you have done even from years ago. Watch out, as you’ll never know when the Scorpion’s tail would strike.

The breakup: Because a Scorpio does not trust someone quickly, betrayal hurts them the most. When a Scorpio is in despair, a gigantic wave of emotions will lead them to bury themselves in the ocean’s depths for a long time before they are ready to love again.

Sagittarius ♐

Birth Dates: Nov 22nd – Dec 21st

At the beginning: Sagittarians can be charming, and love sizing you up from several points of view. They specialise in injecting good humour into their observations. They are frequently in rapid movement, so you will have to move quickly to keep up with Sagittarians, who can often change their minds in an instant.

The good: They always exude an aura of positivity, charm and are also often humorous. As they love learning and exploring philosophical knowledge, discussions with them would be stimulating and dynamic.

The bad: Sometimes, they can come across as unstable, and without concrete plans.

The breakup: As a half-man and half-horse image represents Sagittarians, they are always off to their next adventure. Hence, they don’t dwell on heartbreaks.

Capricorn ♑

Birth Dates: Dec 22nd – Jan 19th

At the beginning: Capricorns usually prefer to develop a serious and deep relationship rather than a brief and superficial one. Capricorns are quite capable of holding back until the right person comes along.

The good: They are known to be observant, straightforward, appreciative, selective, efficient, and practical.

The bad: They can be a bit of a workaholic, and sometimes have self-esteem issues, thinking that they are not good enough.

The breakup: Capricorns care about their public image and do not like creating a scene or over-displaying emotions. Because of that, they often hide their true feelings and grieve the demise of a relationship in private.

Aquarius ♒

Birth Dates: Jan 20th – Feb 18th

At the beginning: For Aquarians, the most critical aspect in a relationship is a strong friendship with their lovers – the ability to laugh at each other, the same style of banter, the same goals in life, and being on the same page or frequency. It takes a long time for an Aquarian to fall in love, but they are loyal when they do.

The good: When in a relationship, they are spontaneous, real, fun, engaging, exciting, and intellectual.

The bad: They can be flirts, and would flirt to make their partners jealous. Also, they like running away and disappearing whenever they please as they do not like explaining themselves or reporting to anyone.

The breakup: Aquarians are another master of “ghosting”. Many who expect an Aquarius to come back or give second chances would be incredibly disappointed. An Aquarian has too much pride to go back to an old flame.

Pisces ♓

Birth Dates: Feb 18th – March 20th

At the beginning: Pisceans are often immediately responsive to your advances, that is, if they find you attractive. Pisces partners give their all in any full-blown romantic relationship.

The good: When all is lovely and sunny, these fishes are often seen being well-dressed, beauty-loving, and having a unique talent. They are also passionate, seductive and romantic.

The bad: They can be demanding, possessive, and controlling.

The breakup: Pisceans are guilty of playing the victim, as they treat their fantasy as the real world. After a breakup, Pisces would need to numb their pain with music, therapy, and other healing methods.

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