Here's where to get the best flaky and hearty murtabak in Singapore

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Don’t get us wrong. While we love roti prata as much as the next person, these crispy, flaky pastries aren’t exactly the most filling especially when we are hangry. This is where murtabak comes in.

Think of these as upgraded versions of roti prata, except that they are stuffed with copious amounts of spiced meats, onion and eggs and served with a side of rich, luscious curry. Some places serve vegetarian versions too. Hungry yet? Keep scrolling for the 10 best places to get murtabak in Singapore.

Zam Zam Restaurant


One cannot talk about having murtabak in Singapore without mentioning the famous Zam Zam. Located just across Sultan Mosque, Zam Zam is the most prominent Indian Muslim restaurant serving the dish since 1908. They serve mutton, beef, chicken, sardine, venison and tuna murtabak and the price range between $6 to $21.

697-699 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198675

Victory Restaurant


Right beside Zam Zam is Victory Restaurant, an Indian Muslim establishment also known for its murtabak. In fact, there has always been a debate between which of the two does it better. They serve mutton, beef, chicken, sardine, venison and tuna murtabak and the price range between $5 to $20.

701 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198677

Al-Tasneem Restaurant


Right behind Zam Zam and Victory is the less well-known Al-Tasneem, who also has their own set of devotees who flock there for murtabak.

Head there and give all three a comparison to find out which you like best. They serve mutton, beef, chicken, sardine, venison, tuna and vegetable murtabak and the price range between $6 to $20

709 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198681

Afghanistan Family Restaurant

Even if you don’t live in the east, chances are you would have heard of Afghanistan Family Restaurant, an eatery with a collection of hawker stalls famed for their food. They serve only chicken or beef murtabak at $7.

201E Tampines Street 23, Singapore 527201

Springleaf Prata Place


Springleaf has made a name with its prata and unique takes on murtabak and other dishes. One such example os the Murtaburger, which has lamb patties coated with black pepper sauce, chilli sauce and mozzarella.

They also have the Ultimate Murtabak, which uses tandoori chicken, portobello mushrooms and mozzarella. They serve chicken, mutton, sardine and vegetable murtabak as well and the price range between $7.50 to $28.

Springleaf Prata Place has multiple locations in Singapore

The Roti Prata House


Along the chain of cafes and restaurants along Upper Thomson Road sits The Roti Prata House. And while prata is a favourite, the murtabak is no slack either. They serve chicken, mutton, sardine, tuna and vegetable murtabak and the price range between $6 to $15.

246 M, Upper Thomson Rd, 574370

Marhaba Murtabak Restaurant


Walking distance from both Eunos and Kembangan MRT, Marhaba is a 24-hour establishment so you can get your murtabak craving fixed any time of the day. They serve beef, tuna, sardine and chicken murtabak and the price range between $7 to $15.

52 Changi Rd, Singapore 419707

Al-Falah Barakah Restaurant


A short walk from the previous entrant, Al-Falah Barakah is another 24-hour restaurant opposite the famous Geylang Serai Market. They are also part of the Al Falah chain of restaurants that have multiple branches in Singapore. They serve chicken, mutton sardine and tuna murtabak and the price range from $6 to $10.

48A Changi Rd, Singapore 419705

Julaiha Muslim Restaurant


The third 24-hour murtabak restaurant is Julaiha. Tucked along the busy MacPherson Road, Julaiha is a short walk from both Tai Seng and Mattar MRT Stations. They serve sardine, mutton and chicken murtabak with prices starting from $6.

538 MacPherson Rd, Singapore 368222

Haji Kadir Foods


Founded by Abdul Kadir in the 1950s, Haji Kadir is most known for the sup tulang – or bone marrow soup. However, their takes on other Indian Muslim favourites including murtabak are well-loved too. They serve sardine, mutton, tuna and chicken murtabak with prices range from $7 to $15.

820 Tampines Street 81, Singapore 520820 and 294 Lavender St., Singapore 338807

This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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