Head baker from Tanglin Halt's Hock Ann Confectionery opens bakery at Bugis, kaya cake has a 1-month wait list

PHOTO: Instagram/uncleleeconfectionery

Foodies and residents of Tanglin Halt may be familiar with Hock Ann Confectionery, an old-school bakery known for its traditional confectionery.

Unfortunately, it was shuttered earlier this year to make way for redevelopments in the Tanglin Halt area. However, the head baker — known only as Uncle Lee — has decided to continue on the brand's legacy by opening his own physical store at Jalan Pisang. 

As Lee does not have proprietorship rights to Hock Ann Confectionery, he says he is not able to operate under the same name. Instead, the new store is aptly named Uncle Lee's Confectionery, after the man himself. 

If you adore traditional bakes, this is the right place to visit as Uncle Lee has been baking since 1986. 


Even after Hock Ann Confectionery shuttered, Lee still wanted to continue sharing his bakes with the public. Therefore, his family helped him set up an online platform.

Some of his more popular menu items include custard puffs ($0.60 per piece, minimum order of five), kueh bangkit ($18 for one jar) and butter cookies ($19 for one jar) 

There is also his pandan kaya cake ($28 for a whole cake), which is perpetually sold out — the next time you can order it is next year in January! 


While his new physical store is already up and running, Lee is still taking orders online. If you're keen on trying his bakes, you can place an order on Uncle Lee's Confectionery's website

Address: 4 Jalan Pisang, Singapore 199071
Opening Hours: Sunday to Friday, 9am to 7pm 


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