Hands-on: Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner with All-in-one Clean Station

The Samsung Bespoke Jet finally arrives on our shores.
PHOTO: Hardware Zone

It has taken a while but you can now get more of Samsung's Bespoke Home devices here in Singapore. Joining the fridge which was launched last September is the new Bespoke Jet handheld stick vacuum cleaner.

The Bespoke Jet was announced last year as part of Samsung's big Bespoke Home launch that seeks to offer high-end home appliances with a focus on usability and design to a more upmarket clientele.

It's also Samsung's flagship handheld stick vacuum cleaner and so it comes with the looks and features to match.

To start, it looks like an expensive vacuum cleaner. Available in Woody Green and Misty White, the Bespoke Jet looks every bit the part of a luxury home appliance.

In the hands, it feels solidly put together and there's a handy digital display that shows suction power, running time, and even warning messages should something get stuck in the brush head.

One of the biggest pain points of vacuum cleaners is the need to empty their bins whenever they get full. To get around this, the Bespoke Jet has what Samsung calls an All-in-one Clean Station.

Essentially, it's a stand that not only charges the vacuum cleaner but also empties its bin, thereby saving owners the hassle of getting their hands dirty and doing it themselves.

Using Air Pulse technology, it dislodges dust and trash in the vacuum cleaner's bin and traps up to 99.99 per cent of dust and fine particles in an anti-bacterial bag that can be easily removed when it is full. I'd say this is likely the biggest reason why anyone would want to get a Bespoke Jet.

The charging and self-emptying station aside, the Bespoke Jet is also powerful. Though it's relatively compact and light, Samsung claims up to 210W of suction power.

The vacuum itself also has multiple filters that Samsung says will remove 99.99 per cent of dust and fine particles.

Unlike most vacuum cleaners in its class, the Bespoke Jet uses removeable batteries. Claimed battery life is up to 60 minutes when using it on normal suction power.

There are two benefits to having removable batteries. For owners with big homes, swapping batteries will enable them to continue cleaning without having to wait for a lengthy charge.

Secondly, we were told that a common issue that such vacuum cleaners face is failing batteries.

Removable batteries will therefore allow owners to get the most out of their devices without having to make a trip down to the service centre to get them looked at and repaired.

The Bespoke Jet comes with various cleaning heads for different cleaning needs. Here are all the accessories you'll find in the box:

  • Soft action brush
  • Jet dual brush
  • Pet tool
  • Combination tool
  • Extension crevice tool
  • Flexible tool
  • Accessory cradle

There's also a separate head that can be used for mopping. However, that's sold separately.

It's hard to say how effective the Bespoke Jet is because of the limitations of the hands-on area. However, the self-emptying bin seems to work a charm and the entire system looks polished and refined.

Clearly, it's an appliance designed for well-heeled customers who want a highly functional yet good-lookin vacuum cleaner that won't look out of place in their designer homes.

Availability and pricing

The Samsung Bespoke Jet will be available at the end of January. Here are the two versions that will be available.

Samsung Bespoke Jet versions

Model Bespoke Jet Complete Extra Bespoke Jet Complete
Colour Woody Green Misty White
Battery Two battery packs One battery pack
Price $1,499 $1,299

The separate mopping head that I mentioned earlier is usually $199 but customers of the Bespoke Jet can purchase it at the special price of $99.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.

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