The first ever BMW iX is now available in Singapore, prices start from $391,888


The long-awaited BMW iX has finally debuted in Singapore. Priced from $391,888, the BMW iX is available in four different models.

Conceived from the outset for purely electric mobility, the iX is part of BMW's expanding portfolio into the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

Described as a fresh take on the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) concept, the BMW iX combines locally emission-free driving pleasure, sporting agility and a compelling operating range with a character profile dedicated squarely to sustainability.

Dynamic performance

There is no denying that the BMW iX boasts one of the most impressive specs in its category.

Powered by two electric motors, the new iX generates 326bhp and a maximum torque of 630Nm, achieving the century sprint in an impressive 6.1 seconds with a top speed of 200km/h.

A long battery charging time and short range are common cons of driving an EV but the iX prove otherwise. With a 150kW charger, the battery will be charged from 10-80 per cent in just 31 minutes.

Paired with the latest battery cell technology, the iX can cover up to 425km in a single charge.

With an electric all-wheel-drive system to distribute an efficient amount of driving torque to both ends of the car, traction is maximised. Near-actuator wheel slip limitation is integrated into the vehicle and further maximises traction and handling stability when paired with the existing all-wheel-drive setup.

Rugged and durable, the iX is capable of sustaining adverse weather and road conditions.

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Robust exterior

With a tall and wide SUV exterior, the looks of the BMW iX emits a robust and dominant stature in addition to its usual sporty outlook and luxurious status.

Contributing to its powerful look is the muscular SAV proportions with a structured design and imposing styling. An aerodynamic exterior scoring a drag coefficient of 0.25 allows greater efficiency and range.

Geared to provide comfort and sporty handling characteristics, there is a use of aluminium spaceframe construction and carbon-fibre-reinforcement-plastic (CFRP) as part of its intelligent material mix to increase rigidity while minimising total weight to propel the vehicle's performance.

The vehicle is highly suitable for utilitarians as exhibited by its 500 litres worth of boot space, establishing versatile storage for drivers.

Sleek interior

The theme of the vehicle's interior design is to provide a luxurious ambience. This is embodied through its vast interior space combined with high-quality furniture. Lighting and Display layouts can be personalised apart from the default relaxing and sporty ambience.

Interior furniture is cleverly crafted in leather tanned with olive leaves. To extend the eco-friendly concept of electric vehicles, most of the materials used to build the interior are made of recycled materials. The surface of the seats, doors and centre console are wrapped in "Dinamica Microfibre" with 50 per cent recycled polyester.

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Bowers and Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System is offered with 4D audio bass shakers to provide the ultimate sound experience. The IconicSounds Electric function adds a new sound variant to the acoustic repertoire.

The future is now

The automotive industry is rapidly improving and providing different instruments to elevate the driving experience. The BMW iX is integrated with cutting-edge technology to epitomise the concept of a futuristic EV.

A fully-comprehensive driver assistant system includes a front collision warning system, expanded Steering and Lane Control Assistant, and enhanced Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go, along with the Parking and Reversing Assistants.

A plethora of innovative assistance systems is at the driver's disposal as well. New features were added such as an exit warning function and a remote theft recorder. A new generation of sensors and software enhances the intelligence of the vehicle.

Furthermore, the Sports Model is integrated with efficient drive technology. Tyre pressure monitoring system, Parking Assistant Plus, and Driving Assistant Professional package enhance the Sports model's steering and cruising mechanisms.

The Sports and Launch Editions provide 22-inch air performance wheels with distinction from the 21-inch alloy wheels from the standard model. Noise-reduced tyres can be added to refine acoustic comfort.

The standard model of the BMW iX is selling at a retail price of $391,888 while the Sports Model is sold at $399,888. Corresponding Launch Editions are sold at $404,888 and $411,888 respectively.

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