Fatboy's is offering the public $1,200 for the best burger ingredient ideas - here are some of the weirdest suggestions so far

PHOTO: Instagram/fatboyssg

If you enjoy weird — but surprisingly tasty — food combinations like Sprite with Indomie or pickles with chocolate, this is your chance to shine. 

From now till next Wednesday (Oct 13), Burger specialist Fatboy's is looking to update its Build Your Own menu with some new, unexpected ingredient suggestions in celebration of their 12th birthday.

Forget the usual boring options like lettuce, bacon and tomatoes — Fatboy's encourages you to be as adventurous as possible. 

The 12 winning suggestions will be rewarded handsomely with $100 in Fatboy's vouchers. 


To participate, all you have to do is like and follow Fatboy's Instagram page before leaving your answer in the comments section of the birthday challenge's post

Meanwhile, the comments section has already been flooded with some interesting suggestions. Here are some of the more bizarre responses that we actually think may work out. 

1. Durian

The initial idea of having durian in a burger sounds nauseating, but then we remembered that durian pizzas actually are a thing, so this participant may be on to something. 

He also suggested pairing the durian with blue cheese. Fatboy's already has a blue cheese house sauce, so they're already halfway there. 

2. Mooncake 

The Mid-Autumn Festival may have come and gone, but it seems like some people are still in the festive mood because this participant suggested adding a thin layer of sliced mooncake with double yolks to a burger. How creative!

3. Oranges and peaches 

Folks who abhor the idea of pineapple on pizza may protest against a burger stuffed with peaches and oranges. However, for those of you who love the combination of citrus and savoury, this may be up your alley. 

4. Sambal petai 

Sambal petai (petai beans stir-fried with chilli) is something that one either loves or hates, but we feel like its bold, spicy flavours may actually meld well with a thick, meaty burger patty. 

5. Nian Gao 

Nian gao is definitely not one of the first few things we'd think of pairing with burgers — or most foods, for that matter.

However, we are curious to know what its dense, chewy texture will feel like in a burger.

6. Century egg  

Century egg tastes fantastic in a bowl of porridge, but how would it fare in a burger? There's only one way to find out. 


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