Fancy paying $1,088,888 for a 1km-long dragon yusheng? Pricey CNY dish baffles netizens

Fancy paying $1,088,888 for a 1km-long dragon yusheng? Pricey CNY dish baffles netizens
PHOTO: Neo Garden

With a million dollars, you'd be able to buy a four-room HDB flat

You know what else you could get with that amount of money? A one-kilometre-long yusheng. 

Yes, we aren't joking. 

For the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities, Neo Garden Catering and its sister company, Orange Clove, are selling dragon yushengs that span the length of a few tables. 

They call it the "longest dragon yusheng" and have 20 different sizes available for order. 

"This impressive masterpiece goes beyond the ordinary, symbolises prosperity and longevity in every inch," said Neo Garden Catering in their Chinese New Year brochure. 

"Meticulously crafted and adorned with an abundance of fresh ingredients, this yusheng promises an extraordinary experience, perfect for grand celebrations." 

The shortest yusheng, Fortune Dragon Yusheng, which is eight-metres-long, costs $3,888 before GST. 

A mid-length dragon yusheng, Heavenly Dragon Yusheng, at 88 metres would cost $68,888 before GST. 

And the longest of the lot, aptly named the Celestial Dragon Yusheng, is 1,088 metres in length and costs a staggering $1,088,888 before GST. 

Apart from the dragon yushengs, Orange Clove is also selling Dragonboat Yushengs, which are on the more affordable end. 

The shortest one, which is six metres-long, can feed around 30 to 50 guests and costs $2,888 before GST. 

On the other end of the spectrum, the longest Dragonboat Yusheng, which is 10 metres-long and feed 50 to 70 people, costs $4,888 before GST. 

In response to AsiaOne's queries, Orange Clove confirmed that the dragon yushengs are available for purchase.

This isn't the first time Neo Garden Catering has sold a long dragon-shaped yusheng either. 

The Dragonboat Yusheng was once available in 2016

Back then, the length of the yusheng ranged from eight metres to 80 metres. 

Netizens left baffled 

In a Reddit thread on Jan 18, stunned netizens shared their thoughts on the exorbitantly priced yusheng. 

Some said that the dish was all for show and just to "flex" as the dish was not value-for-money. 

One joked that the yu sheng was so long that it could stretch across two areas in Singapore — Tampines and Pasir Ris. 

Another said that the yusheng could be traded in for a HDB flat. 

Something else netizens were baffled by? The $2.50 charge per pair of chopsticks. 

One netizen mentioned that it was funny how while the yusheng was already so expensive, customers still had to top up extra money for chopsticks. 

But there were also some who rationalised that the yusheng was meant for a company event or a very huge gathering. 

No money? No worries 

While the dragon yushengs cost an arm and a leg, fret not as Orange Clove and Neo Garden Catering do have more pocket-friendly yushengs for customers to consider. 

Both catering companies sell yushengs that start from 12-inches-large and is good for four to six pax. Cost-wise, it's just $48.80 before GST. 

And if you'd still like to have some form of dragon elements in your yusheng, both offer their own versions of the dish arranged in the form of a dragon's face.

Orange Clove and Neo Garden Catering are selling these for the same prices and there are three sizes to choose from — 30 inches ($488 before GST), 36 inches ($588 before GST) and 50 inches ($988 before GST). 

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